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African Power Lifting Federation
Lists rules, members, events and photographs.
American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation
Rules, regulations, meet competitions, and records for the ADFPF
American Powerlifting Association (APA-WPA)
Information including online entry forms, meet schedules, rulebook, records.
Anti-Drug Athletes United (ADAU)
Rules, regulations, meet locations, records, and dates.
Asian Powerlifting Federation
An amateur association to control, organize, and promote powerlifting in Asia. Member countries listed on the site.
British Powerlifting
Represents powerlifting within the UK. Promotes competitions across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Cameroon Powerlifting and Similar Sports Federation
History and current events. Africa.
Canadian Powerlifting Union
To oversee and regulate powerlifting in Canada. List of upcoming events.
Canterbury Powerlifting Association
To develop and promote powerlifting competitions throughout the Canterbury, Nelson and West Coast regions. New Zealand.
Carolina Powerlifting
Official web site of North Carolina Powerlifting. Includes records, results, upcoming events, profiles, lifting tools, and related links.
Commonwealth Powerlifting Federation
To develop and promote drug-free powerlifting competition at the Commonwealth international level.
Council of Australian Powerlifting Organisations
CAPO - records, rules, newsletter, photos, forum.
Disabled Powerlifting
Records, meet locations, rules, regulations, and volunteer applications.
European Powerlifting Federation
EPF - This page features records, results, and images.
Indian Powerlifting Federation
Representing men and women powerlifters in India. Events, results and a photo gallery.
International Powerlifting Federation (IPF)
The top level and governing body for powerlifting internationally
Irish Powerlifting Federation
Information about powerlifting and competitions.
Melbourne University Powerlifting Club
Dedicated training facilities for squat, bench press, deadlift.
Natural Athlete Strength Association
Official web site focused on powerlifting, bench press and other power sports with a drug free emphasis.
New Zealand Powerlifting Federation
The NZPF is the governing body for the running and development of powerlifting in New Zealand.
Oceania Powerlifting Federation
Oceania-related powerlifting news and events.
Ontario Power Lifting
Information for activities in Ontario. Included are upcoming events, contest results, records and member application forms.
Powerlifting Australia
Official state sporting organization for powerlifting in Queensland, Australia.
Powerlifting Singapore
Committee representing powerlifting in Singapore. Events, results and news.
Raw Powerlifting
RAW powerlifting federation lifts without the use of gear such as a bench shirt or squat suit.
Scottish Powerlifting
Rules, regulations, meet locations, records, and news.
South African Powerlifting Federation
Governing body for powerlifting in South Africa.
Southern Powerlifting Federation
Event calendar, weightlifting news, links, and information about the organization.
USA Powerlifting (USAPL)
Official website for drug-free powerlifting meets and competitions for USAPL.
USA Powerlifting of Minnesota
Information about powerlifting in Minnesota and around the world. Includes news, records, events, photos and message board.
World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters
The WABDL is an association of lifters who enjoy competing in the single-lift bench press and deadlift. Includes news, records, membership information, meet results, schedule of meets, and entry forms.

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