This category is for the official sites of synchronized skating teams not located in the United States or Canada

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Dunedin Skating Club Synchronized Skating
Training in St Kilda Dunedin, New Zealand. Includes teams, photos, links and contact information.
EVT Synchronized Skating
Etelä-Vantaa Figure Skaters synchronized skating teams of Ventaa, Finland. Includes team references, coaches and contact information.
Fire on Ice Synchronized Skating
Senior synchronized skating team from New South Wales, Australia. Includes news, events, results, photos, and contact information.
International Skating Union - Synchronized Skating
Includes ISU event schedule, photos, videos, competition results, regulations, and seminars.
Kometa Synchronized Skating Team
Novice team from of Prague, Czech Republic. Includes photos, competitions schedules, team membership and contact information.
Marigold Ice Unity Synchronized Skating
Synchronized skating team of Helsinki, Finland. Includes team news, events, results and photos.
Precision Skating Milano
Official site of the Hot Shivers Teams of Milano, Italy. Includes history, photos, calendar, forum, and related links.
Queensland Synchronized Ice Skating Club.
Training in Acacia Ridge, Queensland, Australia. Includes teams, photos, events, and contact information.
Rockettes Synchronized Skating
Synchronized skating team of the Helsinki Figure Skating Club (HTK), Helsinki, Finland.
Team Paradise Synchronized Skating
Training in St Petersburg, Russia. Includes team profile, results, history, gallery, forum and news.
Team Surprise Synchronized Skating
Team from Landvetter, Sweden. Includes team description, news, and photos.
Team Unique Synchronized Skating
Synchronized skating team of Helsinki, Finland. Includes team events, history, coaches and photos.
Velocity Junior Synchronized Skating
Junior synchronized skating team from Sydney, Australia. Includes news, skater profiles, photos, and contact information.
Victoria Synchronized Skating
Includes team and contact information for the Ice Baci and Kinetix teams of Victoria, Australia.
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