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Features skateboarding and scooter trick tips, how to get a hold of companies, team set-ups and forums.
Shrimp Skate
Contains trick tips with photos and links.
Includes pictures, trick tips, skate parks and links.
Sinkhole Skate Park
Pictures from the 1999 skateboarding competition in Horseheads, NY that was sponsored by Concrete Walls skateboard shop of Elmira, NY.
Features tricks and tips, pictures, links, and quizzes.
Sk8er 4 Him
Features pro skaters photos, the plan of salvation, and photos of friends.
Sk8ers Rights Page
A skateboarding site that gets the word out about skateboarders' rights. Also has links, pictures, ramp plans and a lot else.
Sk8ter Fooyie
Skateboarding pictures, tips for tricks, terms, history, gear reviews, and related links.
Skate And Snow
Includes ramp plans, videos, photos and trick tips.
Skate and Snow Edmonton
Includes pictures and videos of skateboarding and snowboarding.
Skate Direct
Offers trick tips, photos, links and ramp plans.
Skate Dump
Information on Arkansas, pictures of skaters, artwork, trick tips, ramp plans, reviews, music and links.
Skate N Shredd
Provides deck and gear information, polls and links.
Skateaholics Anonymous
Contains pictures, movies, trick tips, reviews and links.
Skateboard Stuff
Includes links, pictures, tips, links and music.
Includes trick tips, photos and links.
Personal information, skateboarding tips, and a list of skateparks in the US.
Skateboarding Central
Includes photos, trick tips, animated pictures and links.
Skateboarding Place
Includes trick tips, pictures, videos and links.
Skateboarding Saves
Offers photos, stories and links.
Skateboarding World
Includes information about birdhouse skateboarding and 2X.
A site for the old-timers of the sport, who remember the days of Alva, and bombing hills on long boards. Author is also publishing a book, The History of Skateboarding.
Offers polls, message boards, profiles and skate pictures.
Pictures, animations, trick tips, profiles, skatepark list, locals, chat, teams, boards, sequences, ramp plans, and links.
Includes music, photos, and trick tips.
Skater 7
Home of the skate team from Beach Park, Illinois. Features photos, video clips, team profiles, links, and ramp plans.
Skaters Beware
Includes professional areas, pictures, trick tips, polls, message boards, and forums.
Skaters from Da Hood
Includes information on friends.
Skaters in Menomonie
Skateboarding pictures, profiles, and slams.
Features news, history, photographs, video clips, games, and links.
Sprawled Out
Freshly designed skateboarding media site has skating movies and links.
Strange Skate Stuff
Tips for the ollie, heelflip, 50-50 grind, rock to fakie, and frontside grind.
Street Skating
Icelandic skateboarding site with pictures of young skaters.
Street Tricks
Includes tricks and step by step guides.
Super Fly Productions
Photos and related links.
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