Advanced technologies designed to help athletes perform at their best, and research and analysis instrumentation for coaching staffs and training facilities.

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Ariel Dynamics Biomechanical Analysis
Manufacturer of individual motion analysis and computerized exercise equipment for use in the fields of Athletics, Biomechanics, Sports and Rehabilitative Medicine. Utilized by research and professional athletic training facilities throughout the world, including NASA.
Biomechanigg Research Inc.
Provide biomechanical knowledge to industry, government, the medical profession, the legal profession and other interested groups.
Charnwood Dynamics Ltd.
Provides tools for clinicians and researchers to perform detailed biomechanical studies of humans and animals through proprietary motion tracking system, and gait analysis software.
Fitness Technology
Designs and builds equipment for rehabilitation of musculo-skeletal trauma or general fitness training for all levels up to Olympic athletes.
Innovative Sports Training
Produces real time, virtual reality based human motion capture systems for medical, biomechanic and motor control research, ergonomic studies, physical therapy and rehabilitation, sports medicine and sports training with special emphasis on golf.
JC Labs - High Speed Video Components
Manufactures high speed video cameras, recorders, and other video components for motion capture and analysis for sports training and rehabilitation, among other uses.
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
Features original investigations, clinical studies, and comprehensive reviews on current topics in sports medicine and exercise science.
Mikromak GmbH
German manufacturer of high speed human and mechanical motion analysis hardware and software.
Motion Analysis Corporation
3D optical motion capture systems and analysis systems for sports medicine and performance professionals.
Motion Lab Systems
Produces EMG systems and clinical software, motion, and gait analysis products for use alone or in conjunction with other motion analysis systems.
Peak Performance Online
A 'no nonsense' newsletter devoted to improving stamina, strength and fitness. Presents high-quality information on the latest sports science research from around the world and shows you how to apply it.
PhoeniX Technologies Incorporated
3D active optical motion capture systems and analysis systems for sports medicine and athletes.
SIMI Reality Motion Systems GmbH
Supplies 3D motion analysis software including synchronized DV capture, highspeed video, analog data for scouting and feedback systems for coaches with video-mix and stroboscope features.
Somax Sports
Somax analysts work to improve postural and sports mechanics through proprietary video motion analysis and microfiber reduction. Their exclusive form of connective tissue massage improves flexibility beyond what stretching alone does.
Vicon Motion Systems
Optical motion capture technology for science, engineering and entertainment industries. With extensive product range for biomechanical and behavioural applications.
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