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Athletes' Performance
Intensive training facility for serious competitive athletes in Tempe, AZ.
Big Dreams Fitness
Services include swimming, biking, running, triathlon, strength and conditioning customized training plans, private, semi-private, and small group personal training and coaching services.
Strength and conditioning program for police, military, and athletes. Includes message board, exercise videos, seminars and certifications offered, logo merchandise, and subscription journal.
Dr. Relax
A web-based training program. Includes a description of methods, how to schedule a speaking engagement, and cost details.
Elite Athleticism
Multi-faceted program developed by Dean Brittenham to increase flexibility, strength, endurance, energy and explosive coordination. Facility located at Scripps Clinic, Shiley Sport and Health Center in La Jolla, California.
Fitness Testing Guide by Rob Wood
A comprehensive site on all things to do with fitness testing, including discussions and descriptions of over 30 fitness tests.
Gatorade Sports Science Institute
Provides articles, tips, research, educational tools, and interactive presentations on sports nutrition and exercise science.
Lee Taft Athletic Consulting
Specializes in strength, agility, speed, resistance, and endurance training clinics and programs focusing on improving athletic movement.
National Athletic Trainers' Association
Current events, education, meeting information, membership details and member awards.
OverSpeed Training
Training information, equipment and programs specifically related to overspeed, speed and agility. Developed with the collegiate soccer player in mind, but applicable to other sports.
Peak Power Sport Development
Offers sport science testing and applied training for teams and individual athletes of all sports and abilities.
Athletic speed and quickness training.
Train Boston
Sports and fitness training centers for adults and youth located in Wellesley, Acton and Norfolk.
Web based training system based on Joe Friel's "Bible" series of books for triathletes, cyclists, runners and endurance athletes of all levels.
Guide to sports camps for all ages and skill levels in a variety of sports and selected links to sports instructional websites.
Winning Stats Training Logs
An Internet based cycling program that allows athletes to log daily cycling and races. Also includes log programs for running, cross-country skiing, in-line skating, and swimming.

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