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All Japan Kendo Federation
The leading organization for Kendo in the world. Features latest news, calendar, concepts, seminars and books and videos. [Japanese/English]
All United States Kendo Federation
Governing body for Kendo in the United States of America. Links, newsletter, calendar, seminars, study guide and general information.
Australian Kendo Renmei
Affiliate body of the International Kendo Federation and internationally recognised, governing body for Kendo, Seitei Iaido and Seitei Jodo in Australia. Directory of dojos, calendar, links, gradings and photographs.
The British Kendo Association
Organizational website of Kendo and Iaido in the United Kingdom with news, dojo addresses and forthcoming events.
Canadian Iaido Association
Organization established in 1992 and affiliated with the All Japan Iaido Federation (ZNIR). It has a strong emphasis on the Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu style of Iaido. Dojos, events, seminars, forms, dan examination and links.
Canadian Kendo Federation
Member of International Kendo Federation overseeing Kendo for the country. Provides news, announcements and a dojo directory.
Czech Kendo Federation
Information covers Kendo, Iaido, Jodo, Naginatado. Dojos, events, and contacts. [English/Czech]
Dutch Kendo Renmei
Is the official organization for Japanese Budo sports like Kendo, Jodo, and Iaido in the Netherlands. Agenda, news, links and forum. [English/Dutch]
European Kendo Federation
Listing national organizations in Europe Zone for the art of Japanese sword fighting. Information on Kendo, Jodo and Iaido. Grading details, members and agenda.
Finnish Iaido Federation
Information about clubs, styles and links to articles.(Finnish/English)
German Iaido Federation
Overview of style, seminars, dojos in Germany and links.(English/German)
Kensei Kensan Kai
Promotes the study and practice of Iaido and Kendo and located in Kawagoe, Japan with an active branch in Stockholm, Sweden. Dojos, styles, contacts and literature. (Swedish/English)
North American San Shin Kai
Organization for the promotion and practice of Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido. Seminars, photos and membership information.
Portuguese Kendo Association
Where and how to do Kendo and Iaido in Portugal. Dojos, culture, events, downloads, links, contacts and other general information. Member of the International and European Kendo Federation.(English/Português)
Romanian Kendo Association
Romanian Kendo Association - clubs, senseis, competitions, calendars, links and general information.
Organization with affiliate schools in the United States. Contains dojo list, events schedule, and information on summer camps.
Southern California Kendo Federation
Member dojos, fees, calendar, references, links and general information.

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