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Blue Dragon Martial Arts
Traditional Karate, Modern Arnis, and Jiu-Jitsu.
Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Yudanshakai
Teaching a combination of Judo, Karate and Aikido. Features style background, seminars, events, techniques, instructor profiles, photo gallery, store and links. Member of the American Ju Jitsu Association. Located in Saugus.
California Martial Arts Academy
John Cheng's karate and kung fu classes in three locations. Includes programs and contact information.
Israeli personal protection system by invitation only. Includes background and history, instructors, safety, training schedule and videos.
Hollis Martial Arts
South Central Los Angeles school that teaches karate, kickboxing and capoeira. Contains instructor bio, mission statement, class schedule, and instructor web log.
Julian Tai Chi
Dedicated to teaching internal kung fu as a means for health and well being as well as practical self defense.
Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy
Jung SuWon is the way to unite body, mind and spirit as one. Through martial arts training, mental focus, and meditation, Jung SuWon prepares one to face and eliminate stress, unhappiness and difficulty in life.
Kapap Krav Maga
Teaches hand-to-hand combat (krav maga), stick fighting, and edged weapon techniques that are used by soldiers in the battlefield. Includes history, profile, courses, and contact information.
Lairds Academy of Martial Arts
Offering Martial Arts, Little Dragons and Cardio Kickboxing.
Little Tiger's Tang Soo Do College of Martial Arts
Self Defense and Martial Arts Classes.
Martial Arts America
Instruction in Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga in San Ramon, California. Features FAQ, history, and school information.
Miyake Shuko-Kai
Teaching Shorinji Aiki Jujitsu, derived from Shorinji Kempo, as a means of self defense. Includes Karate and Iaido classes. Provides Dojo profiles, class times, and events. Located in Fountain Valley.
Myung Kim Martial Arts
Teaching Hapkido, Taekwondo, Judo, Kumdo and Iaido. Full contact sparring, women's self defense and weapons training. Located in Sherman Oaks.
No-Ka-Oi Online
An American martial art primarily using hands for techniques. Hawaiian influenced in style and delivery. Provides history, products and general information.
Orange County Kickboxing & Martial Arts
Offers Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Savate, Kali-Escrima-Silat, boxing and kick boxing. Includes schedule and contacts.
Parker Linekin's Academy of the Martial Arts Association
Studio in San Diego, that teaches a variety of eclectic martial art styles including Kenpo Karate, White Tiger Tai Chi, kickboxing and Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu. Features biography, style details, contact information and products.
Perry's Full Circle
Teaching Sambo, sport Jujutsu and Pankration. Information on club, events, instructor and styles. Located in Rohnert Park.
Petaluma Academy of Martial Arts
Training in Kenpo Karate, Self-Defense, Latosa Escrima and Kickboxing, along with Yoga and Tai Chi
T.O./Westlake Karate Studio
Since 1974, they have been providing instruction in Tang Soo Do and the martial arts in the Westlake Village area.
Thunder Center Martial Arts
Self-defense, Eskrima-Kali-Arnis, Karate and Jujitsu training in Fountain Valley. Features schedule, style information, instructor biography and links.
Tribull Mixed Martial Arts Centers
Offers Kajukenbo, Mixed Martial Arts, and special women's and kids programs in San Jose. Includes program summaries, class schedules, calendar, history of Kajukenbo, and directions.
U.S.A Wu Chi Kung Fu Academy
Teaches Kung Fu, Tai Chi, San Shou and Qigong. Located in Fremont, California.
Westside Aerobics and Martial Arts
Aerobic kickboxing and martial arts styles.
Wu Tao Kuan School of Martial Arts
Classes in tai ji and qi gong, judo and jujitsu, meditation, Chinese painting and calligraphy. Full-service Chinese medicine clinic with acupuncture, herbology, tui na massage. {Oakland, California]
Zacharatos Karate and Kickboxing
Studio specializing in kickboxing, boxing and American Tang Soo Do style Karate. Training for amateur and professional kickboxing competitions. Schedule, pricing, news and fights. Located in Calabasas.
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