English-language websites and webpages for martial arts clubs and schools in Europe. This category is for clubs and schools that cannot be listed in any specific martial arts style category shown in the links from this section, for example, Aikido, Jeet Kune Do, Karate, and Kickboxing. The majority of the clubs listed here have mixed martial arts training, for example, where teachers have combined Kung Fu, Karate, and Kickboxing.

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The Autodefence Company
Self-defense training. Includes FAQs, training information, members and teachers.
British Go-Dai Association
Teaching karate and ju-jitsu. Features clubs, news, gradings, diary, senseis, rules and general information.
Bushido Academy of Martial Arts
Teaching self defence that includes karate, aikido, Japanese sword fighting also known as kenjitsu, and weapons training. Self defence training classes in Bristol.
Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts
Pictures and descriptions of less common martial arts including filipino kali, boxe francaise savate and combat sombo. Videos and animated graphics.
Combat Academy UK
Teaching self defence and kickboxing. Contains instructor profiles, FAQs, papers, timetable and locations, syllabus, news, events and equipment.
The Defensive Edge
Practical and effective self defence. Offers training courses delivered to the workplace. Based in London.
Dorking Choi Kwang Do Black Belt Academy
School run by chief instructor Alan Tipson, 2nd dan black belt. Classes for all ages in Dorking, Surrey.
This club offers training in kickboxing, Thai boxing, and yoga in Burnham, Berkshire. Personal training available. Thai massage is also offered as an additional service.
Karevo Martial Arts
Martial arts studio offering self defence training in Shukokai karate, kali, eskrima, kickboxing, jeet kune do, and Muay Thai. Based in Stockton on Tees, Teeside.
Morrison's Black Belt School Academy and Team Bolton Dragons
Family run martial arts center in Bolton. Offers freestyle karate and kickboxing for self defence.
Ninpo Tai-Jutsu
Teaching traditional Japanese samurai and ninjutsu martial arts in Bristol. Details of seminars published regularly.
The Oxford Martial Arts Society
School history, grading details, techniques, projects and general information. Teaching a variety of styles including tae kwon do, free style karate, aki jitsu, Shinto-Rye, Lau Gar kung fu, judo, Shotokan karate, aikido, ninja-kungfu, ninjitsu and Wado Ryu.
Phoenix Martial Arts Academy
Training in Jun Fan jeet kune do, Jun Fan gung fu, kali, escrima, Thai boxing, kick boxing, boxing, various Filipino and grappling arts. Located in Hexham, Northumberland.
Plymouth Black Belt Academies
Specialising in jeet kune do, kickboxing, eskrima, and grappling in Plymouth. A range of programmes for all levels of ability.
Revolution Martial Arts
Stockport based school teaching kickboxing and Brazilian jiujitsu for personal development, fitness and stress relief. UK representatives for the Street Tough World Alliance delivering the Crazy Monkey Defence System.
Welsh Academy of Martial Arts
Teaching freestyle karate and kickboxing. Includes training times, venues and general information.
Yin Style Bagua
Classes and workshops in London and Brighton. About the fighting system, events, and contacts.
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