This group was founded by Fumio Manaka, one of Masaaki Hatsumi's senior students who left the Bujinkan. From the Jinenkan headquarters website FAQ: "In the Jinenkan a strong emphasis is put on mastering the fundamentals. The basics are not just a step which one passes through on the way to learning more 'advanced' techniques. Every student is expected to keep polishing his or her basics year after year, and not forget them once the test has been passed. Also, we study the techniques as they are written, and in the order they are written in the scrolls. There are reasons why the scrolls are organized as they are, and a piecemeal approach to training can leave a person without the tools he or she needs to learn any technique well. " The Jinenkan is a traditional, scroll-based training organization that is well-known within ninjutsu for extremely precise movement.
Jinenkan Dayton Dojo
Sukh Sandhu is the instructor and offers adult and child classes. Includes class and seminar schedule, class description, photos, training articles, equipment shop, and related links.
Jinenkan Dojo, New York
The Jinenkan Dojo is a full time traditional Japanese martial arts school for adults and children, owned and operateed by Adam Mitchell, personal student of Manaka Unsui Sensei.
Jinenkan Honbu
Head Jinenkan School, located in Japan. Download weekly lineage information, purchase videotapes for training, locate affiliated Jinenkan dojo around the world, and register for training opportunities.
Jinenkan Inazuma Dojo
Based in New England. Includes instructor profile, events, photos, articles, class information, and related links.
Scott Teague's Academy of Martial Arts
Programs, self defense, news, seminars, class schedule and related information. [Olney, MD]
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