Easily the most famous of the styles of Chinese Kung Fu, Shaolin Boxing originated at the Shaolin Temple on Song Mountain in Henan Province. Introduced by the legendary Indian monk Boddhidharma, the exercises and martial techniques of Shaolin became world famous for their effectiveness. The Shaolin Temples became a repository and exchange for Kung Fu techniques, and the styles and variations developed there over the centuries are countless. The websites listed within this category carry on the time-honored traditions of the arts of the Shaolin.

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Honan Shaolin Wushu
Shaolin martial arts from the lineage of monk Qui Yie Chan and Jyou Lyan Huan.
The 7th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival
Shaolin wushu festival occurring every two years (including 2007) in China.
China Shaolin Temple
A collection of information on Shaolin Kung Fu. Features news, information on styles, culture, FAQ and photo galleries.
China Shaolin Temple
Training facility in a temple monastery. Features history, photographs and training details.
Da Fa Wang Si Shaolin Temple Kung Fu
Information on traveling to China to train in the Shaolin Temple. Features a masters gallery, seminar listings, videos, articles and a members area.
Shaolin Kung Fu
Information on traveling to China to train in the Shaolin Temple. Features an online shop, traveller reports, traveller tips, pictures, video, FAQ, forum, and links.
Shaolin Kung Fu OnLine Library
Resource offering a variety of information on Shaolin Kung Fu including forms, the monks and related details.
A Shaolin Temple Perspective
The international nexus for the world wide Shaolin community. A personal look at the inner workings of the Shaolin temple, from the perspective of an "insider."
Pictures and background information on Shaolin Kung Fu and the USA Shaolin Temple.

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