Bristol School of Tai Chi
Based in Bishopston the club practices Chen style Tai Chi and Chi Kung. Contains photo albums, session information and forums.
Cambridge University Tai Chi Chuan Society
Class schedule, events, membership and constitution of the group and photos.
Chinese Health and Fitness Arts
Taoist Open Gate Yoga, ch'i gung (qigong), t'ai chi ch'uan (taijiquan), gongfu. T'ien Ti Tao taught by Sifu Mike Symonds in Norwich, England.
College of Chinese Physical Culture
Teaches a traditional system of Chinese arts for health, relaxation and fitness (described) and certificated courses.
East - West Taoist Association
Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Taoist Yoga, Dao Yin, Chang Ming Diet as taught by Grandmaster Chee Soo
East Winds School of T'ai Chi Ch'uan
Traditional Yang Family T'ai Chi (Scotland). Class list and news.
Five Winds Tai Chi Chuan
Wudang (derived from Wu) style as taught by Sifu Ian Cameron, in Scotland. Lineage, articles, seminars and classes.
Hine Tai Chi Schools
Tai Chi classes in Richmond-upon-Thames Surrey, England
Mei Chuan Academy of Tai Chi
Brief description of different styles, suggestions on what to look for in a class, beginner's courses and workshops, and class schedule. Located in London.
Northern Schools of Tai Chi Chuan
Cheng Man-ching style taught in Knypersley, Stoke-on-Trent. Syllabus, class schedule, and contact information.
Rising Moon Tai Chi Chuan
Teaching Tai Chi, Cheng, Yang and Reiki training throughout Scotland. Style information and class schedule.
Sin Kwang Tai Chi Association
Master Tsu in West London. Details of their philosophy, syllabus, locations, advice on practice and contact details.
Tai Chi and Health
Provides tai chi tuition and Oriental Health treatments in London and Spain. Descriptions of postures and spherical curves technique.
Tai Chi Finder
Tai chi listings by place and name (internationally but mainly UK and Ireland). News, events, free club listings, shop selling tai chi videos and outfits.
Tai Chi Nation
Organized under the auspices of the Wu Kung Federation. Yang Shen Gong Chi Kung also offered.
The Way of Tai Chi contains information about chi kung, Buddhist, Taoist and Kyushindo philosophies.
Taoist Arts Organisation
Teaching Chee Soo's Lee Style. Overview of the Lee Family System, instructor list and class locations across the UK.
White Crane Bamboo Group
Chen man-ching style taught by Michael Parcell-Davies in London and Watford. Class schedule and syllabus, and discussion of the Dong Xiao (flute).
Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Academy, Cotswold Annexe
The Wu style Tai Chi Chuan, London academy Cotswold annexe home page provides details of classes, syllabus, and recent club events.
Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Europe
Based in London, Sifu Gary Wragg teaches the form as directed by the Wu family. News, theory, syllabus, and workshops.
People, articles, a FAQ, links and membership information as well as a class schedule and costs.
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