This category contains sites for organizations or associations that are specifically related to Tai Chi. An organization would be an administrative resource for coordination of resources for a group.

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American Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan Association
A non-profit organized for the purpose of perpetuating this style as taught by Wang Yen-nien. Links to schools and instructors, movies, and seminars.
Dong Family International Tai Chi Chuan Association
Seminar schedules, local class links, and events.
Golden Flower Tai Chi Association
Events, list of affiliated teachers, seminars and reference library.
Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Association
Mission is to promote and preserve the quality of the style. History, news, reading list, convention photos, and links to affiliated schools.
International Federation of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan
Brief history of the form, course of study, Wu Family album, clubs links, and seminar schedule.
International Sun Tai Chi Association
Features news, biographies, techniques, training tips, photo gallery, and contact information.
International Taoist Tai Chi Society
Locations, contacts, and events.
Kai Ming Association for Tai Chi
Offers all aspects of Tai Chi from health to martial applications. Offer instructional DVD's, seminars and classes
The Northern Wu Taijiquan Research Institute
Dedicated to the study of human health, longevity and spiritual development through the practice of traditional Northern Wu Style Taijiquan, Qigong and Chinese medicine. Includes organization details and articles.
The Patience T'ai Chi Association
Cheng Man-Ch'ing style headquarters in New York, New York. About the style and form, push hands, applications, essays, and instructors referral service.
Practical Tai Chi Chuan International
Introduction to the art, with extensive text on history and principles. Also includes list of instructors and newsletters.
The School of T'ai Chi Chuan
Information on Cheng Man Ch'ing style as taught by Patrick Watson. Articles and links to affiliated groups.
Tai Chi Association of Australia
Supports all Tai Chi styles in Australia. Includes articles for practitioners, a discussion forum and a directory of classes by member groups.
Tai Chi Union of Great Britain
Supporting and promoting all Tai Chi styles in the British Isles. Includes information on finding a teacher, articles from the Union's magazine and a directory of affiliated instructors and links.
Taiji Germany
Yang style schools, lineage diagram, theory, posture illustrations, and learn online. In German and English.
Taoist Tai Chi Society of Australia
Australian and worldwide directories of affiliated schools, health benefits, how to learn, classes and current events.
Wu Style UK Federation
Organization for the United Kingdom. Contains links to schools, description of forms, history of style, upcoming events, and general links.
Zhong Ding Association
Organization founded by Nigel Sutton based in the UK which primarily concentrates on Cheng Man Ch'ing style. Events, newsletter, photo gallery, and list of affiliated schools.

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