Hung Gar (Hong Jia Quan) A powerful and effective family style originating in Guangzhou (Canton), the art known popularly as Hung Gar is characterized by deeply rooted stances and brutally effective grab and strike combinations. Favored by streetfighters as well as those looking for efficient self-defense, this once private style has spread around the world -- as represented by the websites listed here.
Academy of Self-Defense
Teaching Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, and San Shou full contact fighting. History of styles, class schedule, training methods, Lion Dance and gallery. [Tulsa, OK]
Bo Law Kung Fu
Philosophy, methods, weapons, Iron Palm, instructor profile, membership, news and FAQs.
Bucksam Kong Hung Gar Kung Fu
Teaching Shaolin Tiger-Crane style Hung Gar, Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung, self-defense and Lion Dance. Class schedule, location and history. [Hollywood, CA]
Canadian Ging Wu Kung Fu
Weapons, lion dance, and tournaments.
Canadian Hung Kuen Association
Lineage, history, kwoons, membership details and gallery.
Chuan Fa Gung Fu Asoociation
School of traditional Hung Gar and Choy Lee Fut Gung Fu.
European Hung Gar Association
News, techniques, history, lineage, forms, links and private forum.
Fu Saan Kung Fu
Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Includes curriculum, history, lineage, links and school related information.
German Hung Gar Kung Fu Association
Features style, history, pictures and general information. [German/English]
Hung Gar Kuen Kung Fu
Affiliated with Hung Kuen Italy Association and the European Hung Gar Association. Includes news, articles, history, photos, techniques, forms, discussion forum and contact information. [Italian,English]
Hung Gar Kung Fu
Books by Master Lam Sai Wing (1860-1943): "The Hiding Tiger", "The Tiger and the Crane" and "The Iron Thread".
Swedish Hung Kuen Association
History, training schedules, news and links.
Y.C. Wong Kung Fu Studio
Teaching Hung Gar hand forms, Pa Kua, Tai Chi, I-Chuan and push hands. Includes photographs, videos, store and articles.
Yee's Hung Ga Kung Fu Academy
Tai Chi, Hung Ga, and information about the Sifu.
Yon Lee
Biography, schedule, gallery and general information. Teaching Hung Gar Kung Fu, Yang style Tai Chi and Chi Kung. [Harvard University, MA]

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