This category contains sites about Aikido that are primarily personal and subjective in nature, and not affiliated in any official manner with a club, organization or competition.

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Aikido and Tenkei Dojo
Blog about Aikido and training maintained by the Tenkei Dojo in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Aikido Connection
General information on Aikido styles, links, history and organizations.
Aikido Student dot Com
A resource containing video tutorials of Aikido techniques and practices. The author also shares his personal ideas and perspectives on Aikido.
Aikido World
Information about Shotokan Tomiki and Aikikai style Aikido with related martial arts links.
Aikido World: Aikido for Beginners
Aikido centered personal weblog by a fourth dan Aikido instructor.
Aikido Yamaguchi Web
Official page of Aikido instructor Seigo Yamaguchi. Includes biography, multimedia, news, and products.
General Aikido information including the lineage of Morihei Ueshiba, dojo listing, and links to event calendars and Aikido-related publications.
Brisbane Aikido Republic
Information site on Aikido including the art of Ukemi (defensive falling), Aikiphysics, realities of violence, Aikido styles in Australia, places to practice in Brisbane and regular training notes
Gedanate Aikido, Martial Arts and Self Defence
Articles, essays, and a monthly e-letter about Aikido and its connections with other martial arts and self defense.
Matt Hill - Iwama Aikido
Matthew Hill is a 5th Dan Iwama style Aikido Instructor based in Wiltshire, UK.
The Olifant
Aikido weblog, mostly quotes and photographs.
Saito Sensei
Informal moments from the 50's until 2002 of Saito Sensei's Aikido life. From the early days, after the Founder passed away, to the arrival of the first foreigners. Includes photographs and memories.
Shinshin Toitsu Aikido Training Notes
Training notes, thoughts and suggestions by an Aikido practitioner in Japan.
Slovak Aikido Friends Society
Provides information and communication for the Slovak and Czech Aikido communities. Includes seminar database, Aikido materials, message board and other services.
Stefan Stenudd's Aikido Collection
Website by a Swedish aikidoka with essays, pictures and information about Aikido.
Yoshioka Sensei's Aikido
Dedication page to a chief instructor of Hawaii Aikikai. Includes history and stories from Ueshiba O'Sensei's trip to Hawaii.
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