Hapkido is a Korean Martial Art founded by Grandmaster Choi,Yong Sul and Grandmaster Ji,Han Jae is his most Senior Student now. Presently, there many Hapkido Organizations around the world.

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American Hapkido Federation
Under Master Frank S. Ehnle, 4th dan Hapkido and 4th dan Taekwondo. Includes seminars, members, directors, schools, shop and related links. Based in Brandon, Florida.
European Hapkido Association
Under Master Thomas Schaefer. Includes membership, examination requirements and member links. Based in Kematen, Austria.
Flying Eagle Bong Hapkido Association of Singapore
Under Grandmaster Tan Sar Bee Sunny, 9th dan Hapkido, 8th dan Taekwondo and 6th star Koong Goo Duk Wrestling. Includes history, belt levels, dojang locations, photos, chat forum, related links and provides email at no charge.
Hoshinkido Hapkido Belgium
Under Grandmaster Serge P. Baubil, 8th dan in Hapkido, 5th dan in Taekwondo and Qwankido. A new Korean martial art system that has been recognized by the Korea Kido-Hapkido Association. Includes history, master profile, clubs, related links and pictures. Based in Belgium.
International Combat Hapkido Federation
Under Grandmaster John Pellegrini, 8th dan Hapkido and Taekwondo. Includes history, staff profiles, bulletin board, videos, seminars, merchandise, photos, and related links. Based in Asheville, North Carolina.
International Hapkido Alliance Net Dojang
Under Master Geoff Booth, 7th dan Hapkido. Includes master profile, events, newsletters and articles, merchandise, technique mpegs, korean terminology, awards, method of belt tying and dobok folding, photos and related links. Based in NWS, Australia.
International Hapkido Federation
Under Grand Master James S. Benko, Ph.D, 9th dan in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Shim Soo Do(Korean swordsmanship), Han Kuk Mu Ki Do(traditional korean weapons)and black belt ranks in several other martial arts. Includes history, memberships, video, books, audio, articles, animated techniques, seminars and related links. Based in Grand Blanc, Michigan.
International Hapkido Federation
Under Grandmaster Bong Soo Han, 9th Dan in Hapkido. Includes instructor biography, magazine gallery, history, membership, seminars and merchandise. Based in Santa Monica, CA.
International Hapkido, Hankido and Sundo Federation and Universal Peace Charity Foundation
Under Grandmaster Kimm Yong Sup, 9th Dan Hapkido, Sundo Grandmaster, United Nations Peace Ambassador for Martial Arts. Includes information on Hapkido, Sundo, Hankido, Hangumdo and the Universal Peace Charity Foundation. Based in Victoria, Australia.
International Hapkiyoosool Federation
Under Grandmaster Jang Young Shil, 9th dan Hapkido. Includes services, history, news and products. Based in Plano, Texas.
International Hoshinkido Hapkido Federation
Under Grandmaster Serge P. Baubil, 8th dan Hapkido. A new Korean martial art system since 1999. Includes founder profile, events, gallery, videos, products, seminars and related links. Based in Belgium.
International Modern Hapkido Federation
Under Master Victor Cushing, 5th dan in Hapkido. Includes mission, history, master and board members profiles, memberships, seminars and self defense and rank/technique videos. Based in U.S.A.
The Korea Hapkido Federation
Under President Oh Se Lim. This is the official site for the Korea Hapkido Federation which includes news, history, location, gallery and bulletin board. Based in Korea.
Korean Hapkido Institute
Under Master Michael Forster, 7th dan in Hapkido. Includes philosophy, history, master profile, photos and related links. Based in Prince George, BC, Canada.
Korean Martial Arts South East Asia Pacific
Under Grandmaster Julian S. Lim, 8th dan in Hapkido and 7th dan in Taekwondo. Promotes Songmookwan Hapkido and Chungdokwan Taekwondo in South East Asia. Includes events, history, description, syllabus, gallery, news articles and monthly tips. Based in Malaysia.
Midwest Hapkido
Under Master Bruce W. Sims affiliations with Hwa Rang Kumdo Association and World Kido Association. Offers college credits in martial arts through the College of Lake County. Includes history, curriculum, affiliations, events, buddhism, lineage and Kumdo. Based in U.S.A.
National Korean Martial Arts Association
Under Grandmaster Rudy W. Timmerman, 8th dan in Hapkido and 5th dan in Jiu Jitsu. Nonprofit association dedicated to provide politically free assistance and support to Korean style martial artists of all ranks and disciplines. Includes description, grandmaster profile, news, events, photos and related links. Based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.
Nebraska Hapkido Association
Members of the US Hapkido Association and the U.S.A. Tae Kwon Do Federation. Includes Hapkido and martial arts description, classes, dojang directory, belt rankings, related links, bookstore and articles. Based in Lincoln, Nebraska.
New Zealand Kukjae Hapkido
Under Grandmaster Jung Nam Lee, 9th dan in Hapkido and Taekwondo. Includes philosophy, training details, seminars, instructors profile, members, articles, pictures, techniques, videos, tips, patches(includes interpretation of the hapkido eagle), books and related links. Affiliated clubs in Auckland, Dunedin, Hutt Valley, Nelson, Palmerston North, and Wellington City, New Zealand.
Scandinavian Sin Moo Hapkido Association
Under Master Rami Vainionpaa, 6th dan in Hapkido. Includes news, events, history and information, competitions, clubs, videos, photos and related links. Based in North Europe.
Tactical Hapkido Alliance
Under Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker, 8th dan Hapkido. Includes seminars, concepts, founder, membership and news. Based in Erie, Pennsylvania.
World Hapkido Association
Under Master Tae Jung, 8th dan Hapkido and Master Hui Son Choe, 7th Dan Hapkido. Includes member application, news, definition, history, masters profiles, online courses and bookstore. Based in Thousand Oaks, California.
World Kido Federation
Under Grandmaster In Sun Seo, certifies ranks in 31 Korean martial arts including Hapkido who also heads the Korea Kido Association and Korea Kuk Sool Won. Includes history, chronology, profiles, logo, news and events, training and principles, membership, photos, training center and related links. Based in Fremont, California.
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