Sports Martial Arts Filipino Schools and Instruction
This category is for schools as well as training and instructional programs which are of a general aspect to Filipino Martial Arts.

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American Kali Systems
Founded by Guro Rajah Frank Ortega. Includes system summary, articles, picture gallery, and video clips.[New York, NY]
Arnis Balite
Filipino art of hand, foot, and stick fighting. Features philosophies, techniques, instructors, and links.[Fallon, NV]
Balintawak Arnis
Includes information on the style, profile on the instructor, stories, pictures, clips, and a message board.[Metro Manila Area]
Comjuka-Kali Systems - Filipino-American School of Combat Arts
Founded by Tuhon Gaudiosa Sarno Ruby in 1989 and later established the Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Includes a biography on the instructor, photos, contact information, and links.[El Paso, TX]
Datu Kely Worden's Natural Spirit International
Teaches Modern Arnis, Kali, Escrima, and Kuntao. Includes recent news, pictures, seminars, events, products, and links.[Tacoma, WA]
The Defense Institute - School of Self-Defense
Teaches Vee Arnis Jitsu, kickboxing, Koei-Kan karate, military, and law enforcement. Features pictures, profile on instructors, seminars, products, and links.[Colorado Springs, CO]
Doce Pares Eskrima World Concept
Features history on Eskrima, profile on the instructor, schools, seminars, tournaments, techniques, products, and links. [Europe]
Dog Brothers Martial Arts
A system of many styles that also draws upon Krabi-Krabong, Silat, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Bando. Includes information on the system and instructors, seminars, a forum, online store, articles, and related categories.[Hermosa Beach, CA]
Escrima Concepts
A conceptual Filipino martial art system taught by Rene Latosa. Features influences, background, current focus, pictures, and links.[Windsor, CA]
Inayan School of Eskrima
Offers instruction in Inayan Eskrima in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Information about this tradition, instructor qualifications, photos, FAQ, and online forum for discussion of Filipino martial arts.
Kombatan North West Chapter
Provides information on this Modern Arnis system, history of Arnis, profile on the instructor, upcoming events, and related links.[Clackamas, OR]
Maelstrom Martial Arts
Teaches Filipino Kali and Indonesian Silat systems. Includes history on systems, information on instructors, class schedule, and related links.[Vancouver, Canada]
Pekiti Tirsia Pitbulls
Authentic Pekiti Tirsia Kali taught by Guro AK Boouraca. Includes information about the local division and instructors, photos, videos, message board, seminars, and related links.[White Plains, NY]
Pekiti-Tirsia International
Provides information on this system and its history, affiliated schools and instructors, pictures and videos, links, and related topics.[International]
Rapido Realismo Martial Arts
Founded by Punong Guro Henry Espera. Designed to work against real world hostility and street attacks. Features information on the system and instructors, articles, photos, links, and related topics.[Philippines]
Sayoc Kali
Headed by Tuhon Chris Sayoc. Includes message board, articles, photos, video clips, certified instructors and schools, course information and outlines, seminars, store and related topics.[Bala Cynwyd, PA]
Sikaran Institute of Karate
Teaches the only classical Filipino style of Karate. Features history on the art, information on the instructors, pictures, links, and a forum.[Athol, MA]
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