This category deals almost exclusively with the National Football League in the United States. Information on other former Professional Football leagues, such as the USFL, AAFC and AFL, can be found in Sports: Football: American: History. When submitting sites for specific teams, please be sure to submit to the appropriate team category.

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Official site of the National Football League. It delivers in-depth team pages for all clubs, game-day coverage with real time statistics and play-by-play and chats with top players.
The Football Girl
News, analysis, and commentary on the NFL with a focus on female fans. Interviews, breaking news, fantasy tips.
HowStuffWorks: "How NFL Equipment Works"
How equipment is selected and protects players.
Map of NFL Teams
Interactive map, shows address, capacity, and official team web site for all NFL teams.
National Football League Players Association (NFLPA)
Players' union responsible for collective bargaining. Offers FAQ, union history, information for NFL hopefuls, information for current and retired players, and community programs.
NFL Alumni Headquarters
Official web site of the NFL Alumni. Dues-paying membership association. Anyone who ever played professional football qualifies as a Professional Member. Other individuals may enroll as Associate or Corporate members. The primary criterion for joining the NFL Alumni is a desire to support the charitable goals and activities of the organization.
NFL Football Helmets and Animations
Offers free graphics of static and animated helmets for use on web pages.
NFL London
Information and news on the NFL International Series games being played in London.
NFL Sport Channel
Videos from around the web on the NFL.
Pro Football Fans
Focuses on educating readers on the rules of the NFL. Also offers coverage of league news and a discussion forum.
Focused on disability and retirement issues for former NFL players.
Covers the regular season scheduling formula, playoff format, college draft, salary cap, racial policies, television contracts, video games, lore and history, and famous nicknames.

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