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The Alternate Baseball Universe
Simulation dynasty league for Mogul fans. Relive forty years of baseball history, the way it could have been. Images, statistics, play-by-play, forum.
APBL Baseball League
APBA Baseball for Windows 5.5 and primarily website and email-based.
Baseball Mogul
A baseball simulation that puts you in charge of a big league franchise.
The California Fantasy Baseball League
Fantasy baseball league created in 1985. The league is one of the oldest around and currently uses Diamond Mind Baseball as its sim of choice.
Diamond Mind Baseball
Simulated baseball league that began in 1987. Offers projection and season disks, utilities, patches, ballpark images for download, and email newsletter.
Diamond Pastime Baseball Association
Diamond Mind League using the 2000 player disk. Will be starting first season in April of 2001.
Fairweather Johnson Baseball League
Diamond Mind Baseball simulation fantasy baseball league. Free to play.
Great American Pastime League
An association of members who enjoy baseball simulations using the Diamond Mind Baseball Game. Pay to play.
Hamilton Tabletop Simulation Baseball League
A 100 game schedule with 18 teams.
Internet Baseball League
League using a simulation game based on Pursue the Pennant.
Internet League Baseball
Simulation run on Season Ticket Baseball. All 30 teams, 162 game schedule.
North American Baseball League
League using the Diamond Mind Baseball software with news, team standings, free agents and downloads.
North American Strat-o-matic Baseball League
NASBL is a play-by-Internet baseball league that uses the Super-Advanced version of the Strat-O-Matic baseball game with some modifications.
Sim Dynasty Baseball
An online multiplayer league using a custom designed simulation program. Play against other GMs over the course of multiple seasons.
Strategic Baseball Simulator
Simple, text-based baseball simulator game for DOS. Play against the computer or simulate entire seasons.
Western New York Strat-o-matic Baseball League
The league was started twenty one years ago to provide baseball entertainment during the fall and winter months.
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