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This category contains sites for hockey simulations. Unlike regular fantasy hockey, simulations use models to determine outcomes. These models often utilize computer software, but can be based on board games like Strat-O-Matic. While actual team and/or player performance in a sport may help build the simulation model, the results are not based on actual games.

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Alphasim Hockey
A year-round hockey management game. Create custom players using skill points and use team revenues to train, trade, and draft.
Chicago Cyber Online Hockey League
Online Hockey League Site using EA Sports Video Game
Cyber Management Hockey League (CMHL)
Simulated fantasy hockey league which uses STHS as a platform. Mixed Sim/NHL rerates. Games in this 30 team league are simulated year round.
Erin Faceoff Hockey League
Uses the Faceoff 2000 simulator, is draft based, and runs year round.
Fantasy Hockey League Simulator
Official site for FHL, a fantasy hockey simulator. FHL allows migration from HLS2 league files, has automated HTML output and many other Commissioner-oriented features.
Fhockey - Home of Eastside Hockey Manager
Official site of the original freeware version of the Eastside Hockey Manager (EHM); includes a list of EHM leagues online, application tutorials, and software add-ons/updates.
FrozenCherry Hockey Simulation
Manage fictional players and teams in this unique fantasy hockey simulation created by designer James Romeo.
Gump Worsley Memorial Hockey League
The GWMHL is an 20 member international email hockey league.
hockey simulation
Venez diriger une équipe de hockey
New National Hockey League (NNHL)
A 12-team APBA hockey league founded in 1997 that attempts to simulate the aspects of NHL team management of player contracts, entry and waiver drafts, player trades, free agency and salaries.
SimHL - Simulation Hockey League
A multi-player hockey game simulation system based on the NHL. Features include setting lines, trading and signing players. Free farms teams and paid pro teams with additional features. Leagues operate year round.
Slap Shot Fantasy Hockey League
A fantasy hockey leagues which scores based on NHL player performance. A pay league for serious general managers, who wish to participate in regular and playoff seasons with prizes awarded.
The-James Hockey League
Fantasy Hockey League site using custom simulation software.
Web Hockey League
Since 1995, using the HLS2 simulator combined with several custom add-ons, providing stable and realistic entertainment.
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