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Lists official sites to individual country's Olympic associations. Only those that offer an English translation of their website are listed. See the appropriate World category for sites not listed here.

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National Olympic Committees
Official directory of NOCs for each member country. Includes web links and contact details.
Antigua and Barbuda Olympic Association
News, contact information, events, sports, and videos.
Association of National Olympic Committees
In French, English, and Spanish. Includes news, regional and national olympic committes, and contacts.
Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa
Presents news, member organizations, events, calendar, and projects.
Australian Olympic Committee
Hourly updates on all Olympic events, athletes and results. Site medal tally; Olympic athlete chat and online trivia sections. Featured articles on the results and competition. Plus email alert and profiles for site members.
Bahamas Olympic Committee
Presents news, events, athletes, contacts, and photographs.
Bahrain Olympic Committee
Lists news, events, contacts, and sports associations.
Bangladesh Olympic Association
Includes news, events, programs, and contacts.
Barbados Olympic Association
Includes organization information and news.
Bermuda Olympic Association
Features organization information, athletes, calendar, and photographs.
Bhutan Olympic Committee
Features news, federations, contact information, and events.
Botswana National Olympic Committee
Presents news, events, contacts, programs, and member associations.
Brazil Olympic Committee
Includes news, Team Brazil, videos, and photographs.
British Olympic Association
Official site with updated team news and other information with related links.
British Virgin Islands Olympic Committee
Provides news, athletes, events, and sports.
Brunei Darussalam National Olympic Council
Provides news, contact information, events, and associations.
Bulgarian Olympic Committee
Lists news, contact information, and photographs.
Canadian Olympic Committee
Official site providing information about coaches and athletes with media and links. [English and French]
Chinese Olympic Committee
Features news, organization, Olympic coverage, and athlete profiles.
Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee
Includes organization information, events, hall of fame, calendar, and publications.
Croatian Olympic Committee
Includes news, athletes, federations, contacts and events.
Cyprus Olympic Committee
Presents news, videos, contacts, and sports.
Czech Olympic Committee
Features news, articles, and team guide.
Dominica Olympic Committee
News, resports, calendar, and photographs.
Dominican Republic Olympic Committe
Features news, athletes, associations, contact information, and store.
Egyptian Olympic Committee
Includes news, contact information, federations, events, and athletes.
Estonian Olympic Committee
Presents news, contacts, and history.
European Olympic Committees
Lists member organizations, news, and events.
Georgian National Olympic Committee
Provides news, contact information, sports federations, and events.
Ghana Olympic Committee
Lists news, Team Ghana, contacts, and projects.
Guam National Olympic Committee
Official site with news, schedules and updates about the team and committee.
Hellenic Olympic Committee
The official site with news about the progress of the Games.
Indian Olympic Association
Provides an overview of the Indian committee.
Italian National Olympic Committee
Lists news, federations, and contacts.
Jamaica Olympic Association
Provides news, photographs, events, and athletes.
Japanese Olympic Committee
Includes organization, mission, and history.
Jordan Olympic Committee
Has news, contact information, and events.
Korean Olympic Committee
Official site with committee overview, event information, and pictures.
Kosovo Olympic Committee
Provides news, contacts, and athletes.
Lao National Olympic Committee
Presents news, contact information, federations, and events.
Lithuanian National Olympic Committee
The official site with news, calendar, contacts, and links.
Macedonian Olympic Committee
The official site with presidency, secretariat, hall of fame, national federations, and a calendar.
Malawi Olympic Committee
provides contact information, news, sports, and events.
Maldives Olympic Committee
Has contacts, news, events, and sports.
Malta Olympic Committee
The official site with objectives, history, associations, executive board, links, and a newsletter.
Mauritius Sports Council
Lists news, contacts, federations, and events.
Monaco Olympic Committee
Includes news, history, contacts, and federations.
Namibian Olympic Committee
Features contact information, news, and federations.
National Olympic Committee of Armenia
Includes organization, history, and members. In Armenian and English.
National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka
Has news, events, and contacts.
National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Features news, contacts, events, and federations.
National Olympic Committee of Turkey
Features organization information, athletes, news, and history.
National Olympic Committee of Ukraine
Information on current issues and the summer Olympic games in Athens.
National Olympic Committee of Zambia
Includes news, contacts, and documents.
Nepal Olympic Committee
News, affiliated associations, contacts, and events.
Netherlands Olympic Committee and Netherlands Sport Confederation
Includes organization, history, and news. In Dutch and English.
New Zealand Olympic Committee
Includes history, news, and a list of Olympic sports with contact details.
Nigeria Olympic Committee
Features Team Nigeria, news, and contacts.
NOC Afghanistan
Includes profile of the Olympic ambassador, photos, organization activities, and news.
Oceania National Olympic Committees - ONOC
Regional association of national Olympic committees in Oceania.
Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China
News, events, contacts, and photographs.
Olympic Council of Asia
Governing body of all sports in Asia. Includes winter, summer, and regional game information, news and events, museum, forum, and related links.
Olympic Council of Ireland
Official site with team news, history, and sponsor information.
Olympic Council of Malaysia
Includes news, organization information, and calendar.
Pakistan Olympic Association
Features news, calendar, photographs, dependent associations, and programs.
Pan American Sports Organization
Provides news, events, games, and member organizations.
Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee
Lists contact information and news.
Philippine Olympic Committee
Features events, athletes, medal winners, news and photo gallery.
Qatar National Olympic Committee
The official site with news, sports information, pictures, and links.
Russian Olympic Committee
Presents contact information, news, federations, and events.
Rwanda National Olympic and Sports Committee
Provides news, contacts, programs. and events.
Saint Lucia Olympic Committee
Presents events, athletes, news, and affiliated organizations.
San Marino Olympic Committee
Lists news, contacts, events, and federations.
Singapore National Olympic Council
Features events, news, athletes, and contacts.
Slovak Olympic Committee
The official site with schedules, team news, and the committee.
South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee
The official site with annual report, news, and updates about the team.
St Vincent and Grenadines National Olympic Committee
Features calendar of NOC, IOC, CASCO and PASO events, photographs, and news.
St. Kitts and Nevis Olympic Committee
Has contact information, news, and federations.
Swaziland Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association
Includes contact information, news, athletes, sports, and history.
Swedish Olympic Committee
The official site with the team members and past events from Athens 1896 to the present. [Swedish and English]
São Tomé e Príncipe Olympic Committee
Provides news and contact information.
Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee
Includes news, history, and organization information.
Turkish Olympic Committee
Features news, contact information, events, and athletes.
United Arab Emirates National Olympic Committee
Provides contact information, news, and programs.
United States Olympic Committee
Includes information about athletes, merchandise, tickets, jobs, history, qualifications, and news.
The US Virgin Islands Olympic Committee
Includes athletes, history, schedule, and federations.
Vietnam Olympic Committee
Features athletes, organization, and news.
Zimbabwe Olympic Committee
Provides news, calendar, reports, and affiliates.

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