The Haflinger's history begins in Tyrol, Austria, where for centuries, a line of rugged, surefooted mountain horses were bred in southern Tyrol. They worked as general riding horses, light draft and harness horses as well as pack animals. Because of the difficult and mountainous terrain, residents preferred these lighter and smaller horses for various tasks. In 1874, in the village of Hafling, Austria, "249 Folie", the first registered Haflinger was born, sired by a royal Arabian stallion and out of a refined native Tyrolean mare. All purebred Haflingers trace their lineage to this stallion. "Folie" inherited his mother's strength, disposition and stamina and the refined, elegant grace and bone structure of his father. A year later, an influential count persuaded officials from the Austrian Imperial Ministry of Agriculture to establish an objective Haflinger breeding program. From this time on, stallions were selected for breeding and were registered in consecutive order. Currently, there are two different types of Haflinger -- a short draft style good for driving or farm work, and a taller, more refined version bred for riding and jumping. The breed color is chestnut with flaxen mane and tail, often identified as palamino. They are generally pony sized standing about 14 hands on the average, although the "modern" variation can reach 15 hands.

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