The Akhal-Teke is a true desert bred horse directly descended from the wild steppe horse known as "the Turkoman" or "Turkmene". It is the legendary horse from Fergana and Bactria where it was called the "Bactrian" or "Turanian horse", and used by the great leaders Darius and Alexander. In Chinese legends the Akhal-Teke was known as "the Heavenly Horse" and the "horse that sweats blood" and the Han Chinese felt it well worth 80,000 soldiers to obtain only 20 of these horses, such was their reputation. In appearance they exhibit a light, elegant build and a distinctive conformation: long tapering, aristocratic face; beautifully shaped mobile ears; wide nostrils and large expressive eyes having a proud fiery gaze. The neck is straight, long and often thin, set high on excellent sloping shoulders. The Akhal-Teke is long, lean, and, typically, narrow through the chest, making him an extremely comfortable ride. A characteristic feature is the sparse, short mane and forelock and absence of feather on the legs. The skin is very thin with a short, fine and silky coat. The overall effect is of the long, lean grace of a greyhound. Magnificent action, free and flowing; in all paces a soft, gliding, elastic stride. Quiet temperament, but easily aroused. Bold, alert and intelligent; responding well to sensitive training. Normal height is between 15 and 16 hands, with horses both larger and smaller, weigh between 900 to 1100 pounds. Breed information courtesy of The Akhal-Teke website. - WP 8/2000

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Mailing list for Akhal-Teke fanciers, from Yahoo Groups. Information on how to join, and online message archives.
Akhal-Teke, The
Breed history, characteristics and pictures.
Turanian Horse Website, The
Contains articles on the history and evolution of the breed. Includes photos, news articles, list of breeders, and a list of resources used in compiling the site.

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