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Casey-Cardinia HPV and Cycling Club
Located in Victoria in Australia and includes news and ride calendar.
Jack's Recumbent Website
Describes how to fully fair a Linear Sonic. Photographs and descriptions of modifications made by other Linear owners.
My BikeE Recumbent Bike
A page about my BikeE recumbent bicycle, with many BikeE and Santa Cruz (California) bicycling links.
The National Bicycle Greenway - Recumbent Encyclopedia
Cycle America resource site featuring adult tricycles, three and four wheelers, dealers, streamliners, fairings, windscreens, recliners, laid back bicycles
New York City Recumbent Supply
News and information about recumbent bikes and trikes in the New York City area, including bicycles for sale, reviews, educational articles, and local ride announcements.
The Recumbent and HPV Information Center
Portal for recumbent bikes and human powered vehicles, providing general information, classifieds, events, guides and links to related resources.
Recumbent Bicycle Source
An enthusiast reference site for everyone interested in recumbent bikes and trikes.
Recumbent Journal
Dedicated to recumbent news, commentary, and product reviews
Provides images and specifications for different recumbent bikes and trikes.
Recumbents and Technomadics
Offers an extensive list of home pages of recumbent riders around the globe. Also, features articles and views of the author, along with videos of various 'bents.
Ryan Owners Club
A source of information for owners of recumbent bicycles built and/or designed by Ryan Recumbent Cycles.
Steve's Wooden Recumbent Bicycles
Images and construction details of two custom, wooden recumbent bikes.
Sue's Recumbent Cycling Site
Private enthusiast discusses health and other benefits of recumbent bikes and provides pictures and link to interesting resources.
The Termite Taxi
Plans to build a quality homebuilt recumbent without welding. Features brief overview, specifications and contact information.

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