This category deals with leagues.
Atlanta Georgia Cricket Conference
Official site contains information about teams, news, schedule, standings, venues, and links. A member of United States Cricket Association.
Bay Area Cricket Alliance
Includes league summaries, schedules, teams, results, points, statistics, directions, and contact information. California Bay Area.
Florida Southeast Cricket League
A League affiliated with the USA Cricket Association promoting Cricket in South Florida. Includes information about teams, rules, statistics, schedule and contact information.
Houston Cricket League
The League consists of teams in the Houston, Texas area. Includes information about news, teams, grounds, constitution, schedule, points table, youth program and contacts.
Howard County Cricket League
League run by cricket enthusiasts from India currently staying in and around Ellicott City and Columbia in Maryland, USA. News and score cards.
Massachusetts State Cricket League
Official league site contains information about events, schedule, statistics, rules, sponsors, member clubs and links.
Michigan Cricket Association
Official site contains information about committee, seasons, teams, youth camp, grounds and archives.
Mid Atlantic Cricket Conference
A Cricket League consisting of teams from North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Contains information about teams, standings, statistics and rules/regulations.
Mid Atlantic Cricket Conference
League highlights, past results and standings, upcoming events and games listing, contact information and description of the organization.
Midwest Cricket Conference
Includes all the latest news, schedules and cricket information. Illinois.
Minnesota Cricket Association
Official website of the Minnesota Cricket Association. Contains information about teams, statistics, contact information, links and sponsors.
New York Cricket Region
Official site. Includes seven cricket leagues in the New York area.
North Texas Cricket Association
Founded in 1997/1998 to promote Cricket in Texas. Information about clubs, history, links, statistics and news.
Northern California Cricket Association
Standings and results (updated every week), list of teams. Several leagues.
NorthWest Cricket League
Founded in 1995 to promote Cricket in the Pacific North West. Contains information about Clubs/Players, Statistics and Laws.
Pittsburgh Cricket Association
Cricket Association founded to promote the game of Cricket at all levels in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Contains information about clubs, membership, results, gallery and contact information.
Washington Cricket League
News, scores, schedules and information about cricket in the Washington, D.C. metro area.
Wichita World XI Cricket Club
Official site contains information on clubs, grounds, season, schedule, records and links.
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