Pages created by baseball fans about MLB in general. These websites usually include standings, scores, team reports, etc.

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3,079 Miles to Fenway, 3,448 Miles to Yankee Stadium
A Yankee and Red Sox fan debates the fortunes of their respective clubs.
Weblog that features news and commentary concerning the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
Baseball Daily
Livejournal community that provides members with commentary concerning baseball, in general. Also offers images.
Baseball Ethan Style
Jokes, comments and news on latest baseball developments.
Baseball Savvy
Commentary with an emphasis on southern California teams. Also includes predictions and links.
Baseball Zealot
Weblog that spans all of professional baseball, however, primarily focuses on the Chicago Cubs and White Sox.
Blogging Baseball
Weblog with commentary that covers various major league teams and baseball history, in general.
Brothers in Baseball
Four friends on a mission to see games in every major league ballpark. Describes various trips and experiences.
Major league and fantasy baseball news and views with a twist of humor. Statistical analysis and articles.
Creative Baseball
Offers quotations and taglines to inspire creative thinking. Also includes an online store.
Futility Infielder
Jay Jaffe's personal baseball journal that offers news, interviews, photographs and merchandise.
J2cool's Autographs
Features information on attempts to get players to autograph various items.
Major League Baseball Fansite
Includes news, contests, fantasy baseball, team statistics and forums.
MLB 2000
Scores, standings, images, statistics and news from around the league.
My Life in Baseball
Established to share Neil Meany's stories about his experiences with the major leagues. Also includes images.
Rosey's Baseball Utopia
Picture galleries, video clips and still images from taped ESPN programs.
Strikeout Zone
Baseball humor, quotes, links, pictures and trivia, plus an Orioles section.
Yankees Red Sox
Seeks to provide two different perspectives on the rivalry. Also offers links and suggested reading list.
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