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Consilium-Vyas Diversity Consultancy & Training
Provides help with equality and diversity issues in employment, including legal responsibilities and liabilities for employers.
Deena R. Levine and Associates
Works with country-specific associates from different cultures to provide cross-cultural and international training and consulting to global organizations.
Diversity World
Consulting and Training firm that focuses on workforce diversity - enriching workforces and reducing barriers to employment.
An on-line magazine that provides news, resources and commentary on the role of diversity in strengthening the corporate bottom line.
emTRAiN: HR and Legal Compliance e-Learning
Provides customized online courses training managers and employees in workplace issues including harassment, diversity, and discrimination.
Equality and Diversity UK Ltd
Promoting diversity and community cohesion in education, training and employment for UK employers and government agencies.
European Diversity
Diversity information for companies, non-profit organisations and individuals.
European Institute for Managing Diversity
International network of local organizations specialized in the management of diversity, giving support and service to international companies and institutions operating in Europe.
Executive Diversity Services
Provides organizational development training programs and consulting services in cultural diversity training, conflict management, team building, customer service training and organizational change management.
Heim Group
Management consulting firm specializing in gender diversity training, gender communication, workforce diversity, research on women and gender and related issues.
Managing and Valuing Diversity in the Workplace
Valuing, managing and understanding diversity can be critical to the success of an organization and toward the success of all people who work for an organization
PRISM International, Inc.
A provider of consulting services and training programs and products for diversity management, harassment/discrimination prevention and cross-cultural effectiveness.
Vanessa Sheridan
Specializing in transgender in the workplace issues, Sheridan's business services include corporate consulting, keynote speaking and awareness training.
Diversity and career information from over 2,500 sources. Enables experienced diversity talent to find open positions at companies that support diversity, and get information and resources that will help them attain their career goals.

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