Labor organizations offer many scholarships and opportunities for higher education to members and their families.

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American Labor Movements at Spirit of America
Books and historical information on the labor movements in America, from Samuel Gompers and the A.F.L. to Joe Hill and the I.W.W. to Cesar Chavez and the U.F.W.
Athabasca University Labour Studies Program
Offers 30-credit University Certificate, 90-credit BA degree and 120-credit BA degree in Labour Studies. All courses are taken via distance education.
Brock University - Department of Labour Studies
Program builds on the disciplines of Economics, Politics and Sociology
Carlos Bulosan Memorial Exhibit
Apermanent display of the contributions of Filipino laborers, local union leaders and other manongs in the social and cultural development of the International District.
Center for Labor Research & Studies
Center for Labor Research and Studies.
Centre for Industrial Relations (CIR), University of Toronto
An interdisciplinary graduate teaching and research centre in the fields of industrial relations, human resource management, and labour market and social policy
History at the Department of Labor
Creation and history of the department, biographies, and research areas.
Holt Labor Library
Working people, activists, and scholars can study the class struggles of the 19th and 20th century industrialized world.
Indiana University South Bend Division of Labor Studies
Deals with work, the workplace, and workers and their organizations and reflects the concerns of modern labor organizations
The Institute for Labor Studies
A Kansas City based labor education program offering credit and non credit courses for union members and the general public. Sponsors a radio show: the Heartland Labor Forum.
International Institute for Labour Studies
Established by the International Labour Organization in 1960 as a centre for advanced studies in the social and labour field.
Labor Education and Research Center - University of Oregon Eugene
A bridge to the public university system for the state's working people and their unions
Labor Relations Research Center - UMass Amherst
Equips graduates to work in the labor movement and other organizations advocating for workers' rights.
Laney College Labor Studies Club
Offerings include organizing, history, grievance handling, labor law.
Michigan State University School of Human Resources & Labor Relations
Offers outreach programs and graduate programs.
Northwest Laborers-Employers Apprenticeship & Training
Provides state-of-the-art construction training to the men and women in our region.
Tamiment Institute Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives
A center for scholarly research on labor history and radical political movements
UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education
A source of information about unions and workers to interested scholars and students
UCLA's Institute of Industrial Relations
Research and community service programs
University of Hawaii Center for Labor Education & Research
Established in 1976 by State Law, the Center provides labor education, research and labor-related programs.
University of North Texas Labor Education Program Leadership Workbook
Steward training, negotiations, organizing, grievance handling; all online and free
University of Wisconsin - The School for Workers
A university-based labor education program conducting applied research and offering education and consultation to unions and workers on the full range of labor relations issues.
Walter P. Reuther Library of Labor and Urban Affairs
Wayne State University: education, exhibits, labor archives, lectures, and newsletter.
WVU-ES: Institute for Labor Studies and Research
West Virginia University Extension Service Institute for Labor Studies and Research
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