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The Adventures of a Small Guy
A bold statement from a small guy, with personal photos, writings, resource links, and original artwork.
An older site from a young FTM. Features poetry and other writings, plus passing tips and links.
American Trans Man
An FTM scientist's personal blog about transgender life and scientific topics of interest to the FTM/trans community.
Changing Me
Lots of photos showing changes from testosterone and chest surgery. Also voice clips, journal, resources, and tips.
Devin's World
An offbeat, upbeat FTM site. Links to resources for TG spirituality, medical info, and general FTM topics. Personal diary and T journal.
Drew's Domain
Southern hospitality from an original Tarheel Transman. Photos, transman tips, top surgery journal and eclectic links.
Eryc avery Daddy boi
An FTM couple describes their Daddy/boi relationship and their individual transitions.
Every Journey Begins With a Single Step
A documentation of transition in blog format, with pictures, voice clips, and written accounts.
FTM Transition
Ethan's a college student in Vermont. You'll find lots of artistic and documentary photos here, plus information on chest surgery, hysterectomy, and body modification.
Gender Outlaw
Transition journal of a transman from British Columbia, Canada. Blog entries, photos, video updates.
Joshua Bastian Cole
Josh is a young FTM and drag king performer. Lots of photos, plus voice clips, T journal, and other writings.
Loren's Doodle of the Day
This art student's expressive drawings graphically illustrate the paradoxes of FTM identity, some with narrative text. LiveJournal and other links.
Masculinity: A surgical exploration
A young transman of color. Photo gallery, journal, links to vlogs.
Numbers in 1080
Eli, from Fargo, North Dakota, talks about being trans/queer, feminism, mental health issues, tattoos, and recipes. Includes testosterone information and transition photos.
Rob is an everyday guy in Syracuse, NY, who happens to be transgendered. Personal photos, information on his life, links to transgender resources.
Ryan Scott Kennedy
FTM's blog about music, spirituality, environmentalism, politics, New Zealand life, and being transgender.
So This Is My Life
Charts a transition from female to male. Contains photos, blogs and forums.
Stealth Queer, Inc.
Josh is a Midwesterner, student, and a Cubs fan. Personal info, photos, and lots of links related to his interests.
Trans Canada Coyote
A blog that documents the transition of a female to male Canadian.
The Transitional Blog
A weblog intended as a resource for anyone thinking of transitioning or who wants insight into the life of an FTM.
Transshadows: FTM blog
Alexander's FTM journey, transgender resources, passing tips and life as a transsexual boy.
TRANS∙pose: A Journal of Movement
Gender identity and transition through the eyes of a genderqueer transman in Los Angeles.

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