Resources, forums, and support for survivors of sexual abuse.

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Aching Heart
A resource for women survivors of sexual abuse and incest.
Adult Survivors of Child Abuse
Provides information, materials and on-line e-meeting for Individual and group support program for adult survivors of physical, sexual or emotional child abuse or neglect.
After Silence
A non-profit organization, message board and chat room for rape, sexual abuse, and sexual assault survivors.
Art of Healing
Established artist, Linda Ness, shares her many paintings about her journey of recovery.
Self-help group for women survivors of incest providing online information and support via website, message board and email.
Becoming Gold
Virtual support network for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, that encourages balance to the healing process through creativity, education and support.
The Black Sheep Chronicles
Adult incest survivor's experiences with the aftermath of incest and how and why it affected her relationships with her entire family.
Butterfly Gardens
A site dedicated to victims/survivors of sexual abuse and incest.
Chasing The Wind
Poetry on sexual and physical abuse by a proud survivor.
Confronting Collusion in Churches
This site offers a source of support for survivors, church leaders and survivor advocates struggling with clergy sexual abuse, domestic violence and incest.
Dancing In The Darkness
Help and support for survivors of rape and sexual abuse. A safe place to share stories, hope and courage.
Created for survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Includes a personal story, articles, poems, and links.
Fort Refuge
Supportive community for survivors of all types of abuse. Library of resources on recovery, forums, chat rooms, and weekly hosted chats.
Generation Five
A movement to end child sexual abuse in five generations through survivor leadership, community organization and public action.
Healing Wounds
Healing Wounds is a safe haven dedicated to survivors, a forum to talk about their trauma's and to heal.
The Hope of Survivors
Provides support, hope and encouragement for victims of clergy sexual abuse and misconduct.
I Am A Survivor Not A Victim
A survivor shares her story of sexual abuse.
A non-profit online community center for abuse survivors providing anonymous discussions boards, chat rooms and other resources.
It Happened to Alexa Foundation
A resource for victims of sexual assault to receive money to ease the burden of attending a criminal trial.
Jane Rowan
Jane shares her experience of healing from childhood sexual abuse.
Jenny's Child Abuse Survivor Support
Jenny shares her story and poetry and offers support to fellow survivors.
Journey to Healing
Offers help and healing for sexual abuse, incest and rape victims.
The Lamplighter Movement
A movement for victims of incest and child sexual abuse. Offers a recovery program for children and adults.
My Twisted Sukha
This site deals with the effects of sexual abuse by a female perpetrator.
National Association for People Abused in Childhood ( NAPAC)
NAPAC is a registered charity, which has been set up as a result of a key recommendation by the National Commission of Inquiry into the Prevention of Child Abuse.
Netter's Place - Abuse Survivor Links
Offers links to different sites for abuse survivors seeking support and self help.
Pagan Survivors of Sexual Assault
A Yahoo! group for membership to pagans, witches, and wiccan wanderers who are survivors of sexual assault or are friends and family members of pagan survivors of sexual assault.
Pandora's Aquarium
Provides a message board and chat room for survivors and their supporters.
Peaceful Haven
A personal experience of emotional, mental and sexual abuse.
Pressing On...
A site dedicated to the survivors of sexual abuse and incest. Provides practical info about sexual abuse, self-injury, eating disorders, quotes and fun links to nurture the child within.
Survivor's story, message board, poetry and links to other resources.
Share Your Survival Story
A web site where people can share their own personal stories of survival. Includes helpful links and other resources.
The Silver Braid Survivors of Sexual Exploitation
Providing helpful information to those who have been victims of sexual exploitation.
Still Rising: A Resource for Survivors of Childhood Abuse
Links to articles, websites, and chats covering the many aspects of abuse and its aftereffects.
Survive is a registered voluntary organization that provides support and help to survivors of child sexual abuse.
Survivor Matters
Information and support forum for any survivors of any type of abuse. Created by survivors for survivors.
Survivors Chat
A support site, chat rooms, and resources for survivors of rape, incest, sexual abuse, or SRA.
Survivors Safe House
A safe and secure site for survivors and victims of sexual abuse regardless of age or gender.
Survivors Sanctuary
A safe place of support and resources for survivors of abuse, sexual, mental or physical. Everyone is welcome regardless of gender.
Survivors UK
Provides information, support and counselling for men who have been raped or sexually abused.
Tamar's Voice
This non-profit organization offers help and support for victims of sexual abuse by clergy.
Whitedoves Nest
A site dedicated to sexual abuse survivors and their supporters. Share your story, poetry, art, and tips on recovery.
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