Society Sexuality Sacred Sexuality Workshops and Retreats
Alto Sax Luxury Naturist Retreat Centre
A retreat based in a medieval country house that offers naturist workshops on topics such as massage, Tantra, and meditation. Located in Essex, UK.
Australian School of Tantra
Individual private sessions and group workshops on the skills of Tantra to enhance pleasure and connection in a wholistic way.
Butterfly Workshops - Transformation through Tantra
Laurie Handlers provides courses that explore Tantra and increase sexual pleasure and power.
Celtic Tantra
Workshops to help people rediscover their innocence, heal shame, expand and celebrate erotic energy, and unite heart and spirit.
Diamond Light Tantra
Offers workshops for men and women in the UK. Includes schedules, venues, and resources.
Insitute for Ecstatic Living
Informs people about Tantra workshops and vacations around the U.S.
Inter Faith Tantra Teachers Training School
Workshops in India offering certified courses in Tantric puja, Tantric Massage, sound healing, body honoring and vegetarian cooking.
Intimacy Retreats
Vacation retreats and workshops for couples interested in deepening the intimacy in their relationship.
Living Love
Workshops and courses by Jewel Wingsfield for individuals and couples. [UK]
Love Without Limits
Workshops that promote sexual healing, sacred sexuality, polyamory and community development.
Making Love: Tantra Retreata
Offers detailed information about Tantra retreats for couples.
Sacred Loving
Offers adventures that nurture the body, the heart, and the spirit. Includes information on retreats, classes, and consultations in sacred sex and Tantra.
Source School of Tantra
Offers information about the workshops and Maui vacation seminars with Charles and Caroline Muir.
Tantra for Awakening
Offers Tantra workshops and coaching sessions for individuals and couples. [Sedona, AZ]
Tantra for Women
Introductory classes in Tantra, weekend workshops and ongoing group workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area. Led by Evalena Rose.
Tantra Workshop Tour
IFC's Tantra Workshops explore, emotional memories release therapy, worshiping the Living Goddess, Tantra Yoni Puja and Yoni healing.
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