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Aatmadarshan Yoga
Aatmadarshan Yoga is based on Patanjali’s “Yoga Sutra”.Classes incorporate yogic breathing techniques, yoga stretches, yoga asanas, progressive relaxation through yoga nidra and meditation in a comfortable rhythmic flow to stimulate the pranic shakti and balance.
Ananda Marga European Retreat Schedule
Information on scheduled spiritual Yoga retreat with photos of some past activities
The Divine Life Society
Teachings of Swami Silvanda, inspired messages, video clips, lectures, chants, songs and images.
How to Meditate
Learn basic techniques through this free course.
Meditation techniques in the yoga system, the use of Mantra, questions and answers.
Meditation Center
Contains colorful, clear, concise meditation instruction on a variety of meditation methods from various spiritual teachings, plus tranquil meditation tapes, guided and instrumental.
Meditation techniques
Meditation techniques and articles on meditation.
Meditation Workshop
Articles about Yoga, guru and meditation.
Om's Home: Yoga and Meditation
Articles on meditation including Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and Nada Yoga (the science of inner sound), poems, songs and incantations.
Sahaj Marg - The Natural Path
In-depth studies and guides by Sahaj Marg Research and Training Institute for raja, bhakti, jnana, karmic and integral yoga meditation and practice, with emphasis on yogic transmission, or pranahuti.
Shri Ram Chandra Mission - Sahaj Marg
The website of SRCM, providing information and services to worldwide practitioners of Sahaj Marg (Natural Path) raja yoga meditation.
Shyam Space
Official site of Swami Shyam, founder of the International Meditation Institute. Introduction to the philosophy and technique.
Sivananda Yoga-Meditation
The basics of incorporating mindfulness into an established practice with links to the other fundamental aspects of yoga.
The Transmission Meditation Homepage
Meditation group service activity utilizing both Karma and Laya yoga for personal development. Includes related links, upcoming lecture and interview dates and a frequently asked questions page.
Welcome to Spirituality
Meditation presented in an easy way. Kundalini, Karma, Tantra and Raja yoga explained.
Yoga and Meditation
Article concerning the etymology, history and process from the Moksha Journal.
Yoga Meditation
A one-line "short course" in Yoga meditation.
Yoga Meditation of the Himalayan tradition
Yoga Meditation training of the Himalayan tradition. Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati gives guidance in meditation.
YogaLiving community ashram
The ashrams focus is on the communication and promotion of the teaching of Atma Vichara - self enquiry. It has evolved to provide a framework of guidance and support to those who wish to pursue this spiritual practice.
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