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Association of Feng Shui Consultants
AFSC members work with residential, small business and commercial projects and are qualified Feng Shui professionals.
Blue Heaven Centre
It offers courses and consultations along with detailed personality reports.
Deborah Gee Senior Feng Shui practitioner
Offers video of PBS show "Feng Shui: Creating Environments for Success and Well-Being" from Grand Master Lin Yun and expert Deborah Gee as well as Feng Shui tools. Includes background information and tips.
Feng Shui and Prosper
Consultations based in Toronto Ontario but serving worldwide for residential, commercial and corporations clients. By Safrina Kadri.
Feng Shui Artwork
Provides art gallery and Feng Shui tips.
Feng Shui With Love
Offers feng shui tips that will increase the flow of abundance in one's life, which can be used right now. Simple and easy to get started.
Feng Shui with Mary Mieth
Provides consultations, classes, newsletter, pendulums, dowsing, space clearing, clutter, organization, tips and information.
Feng Shui with Rénuka
Consultant for interiors both home and office. Offers Feng Shui design advice and ideas. London UK and Denver, Colorado.
Providing solutions for people and business to be more successful using their environment.
Greenways Feng Shui
Provides authentic, effective feng shui services throughout the North-West of England.
Harmony Life Design
Uses the energy in your home as a tool for healing and transformation. Blending the principles of Feng Shui with the environmental benefits of holistic design.
Heluo Qi Explorations
Practicing in Netherlands since 1999. Live master classes and distance learning support.
Henry Fong
Provides Feng Shui consulting services for residential and commercial properties.
Offers full-service Feng Shui consultations for homes, offices and businesses.
Lebanon Feng Shui
Offers information and services in Lebanon and the Middle East.
Lillian Too
Best selling feng shui author provides photo gallery, personal biography and information on seminars.
Lotus Design
Offers feng shui interior and exterior analysis and design. Includes an introduction to the topic.
Access Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai's lineage via daughter Master Boon. Share through their teachings and consultations, so that all may attain fulfilment.
Pure Feng Shui
Providing consulting services for the home and the office, as well as personal Ba Zi birth chart guidance by Master Chua Chee Hiang.
Sacred Feng Shui
Offers useful tips and explains the principles of feng shui, space clearing and geomancy.
The Tao Of Dana
Feng shui your home, office, mind and life by learning the feng shui elements, basic wisdom, Contemporary Art, scientific breakthroughs and thought-provoking inspiration to be your best work in progress.
Wind Water Harmony
Discover the healing power of feng shui, color, soul guidance, spiritual items and cures by Diana DiCristina’s.

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