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Chi in Nature
Taoist temple in Canada offering teachings and services, Taoist magic, healings, martial arts, chi kung and all related subjects. Service the local and online world wide web.
Daoist Foundation
Offers information about its work as well as resources for deepening our understanding of Daoism as a religious tradition and way of life.
The Foundation of Tao
Information about the founder, articles on various tao aspects such as: tao of sexology, tao of mastery and tao of healing
Healing Tao
Offers tao teachings and training, personal coaching, inner dialogue, vitality consultations.
Healing Tao USA Site
A private educational trust. It operates Healing Tao University and a fulfillment center that sells a wide variety of Tao products.
Journal of Daoism Studies
Three Pines Press is an independent academic publishing company specializing in Daoist studies.
Lao Zi Academy
Provides teachings, training, Daoist tours in China and a blog.
Qigong and Daoist Training Center
Qigong certification, classes and retreats.
Tao Fellowship
Offers training, retreats, ceremonies, prayers, volunteering.
The Taoism for the Modern World
Offers free Taoist training and mentoring, free online qi gong and answers specific questions.
TaoTao Project
A research platform and virtual library focusing on Chinese medicine and acupuncture. The project aims to provide means to read and study ancient philosophical, religious and medical writings. Virtual library, search tool, dictionary and "a word for word" matrix translator for machine aided translation. The forums provide a way for researchers and students for open dialogue and shared translation.
True Tao Home Page
I-Kuan Tao in English, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu and other great philosophers, monthly columns, articles on Tao teachings, stories and translations.
Zhen Dao Pai
Offers study program including learning methods of work with energy – qigong -, corporal practices - Dao Yin, Taiji quan, Xing yi quan - breating practices and Inner Alchemy - Neidan.
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