There is sometimes a fine line between physical mediums and psychics in general. But these mediums worked, for the most part, during the birth of spiritualism in the late 19th century and its revival after the World War I, and they sought to provide evidence of "survival," the continuing life of the spirit even after bodily death.

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Dye, Aunt Caroline
An African-American spiritualist medium and hoodoo root worker of the 19th century whose exploits are celebrated in blues songs.
Flint, Leslie
Direct voice medium, contains many audio recordings of his work.
Flint, Leslie
Features his seance recordings and discusses the validity of them. The recordings talk about reunion with family when first crossed over and the characteristics of the afterlife, as a place. Explains their interpretation of the bible for concerned readers.
Hardinge Britten, Emma
Contains materials on the spiritualist, occultist, and propagandist including a biography.
The Mediums' Hall of Fame
Features a series of brief articles, with pictures, of people such as Estelle Roberts, Doris Stokes and Ena Twigg.
Piper, Leonore E.
A brief discussion on Boston's most prestigious trance medium.
Randolph, Paschal Beverly
A celebrated African-American spiritualist medium, healer, novelist, and sex magician of the 19th century; a contemporary and friend of Emma Hardinge Britten.
The Voice Box
Providing information about mediums and their spirit guides and as well as their teachings and philosophy. Includes biographies of mediums, list of spirit guides, audio and articles.
Wilkie, James
All about psychic James Wilkie and his spiritual guide Rama. His teachings, gifts, history, metaphysics and testimonials.
Bangs Sisters, The: CSI Investigative Files
By Joe Nickell. An article about their spirit paintings written from a skeptical viewpoint. (June 01, 2000)
Campbell Brothers, The: CSI Investigative Files
By Joe Nickell. A skeptical look at their spirit paintings. (March 01, 2000)
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