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Alida Birch, Healer
Offers soul retrieval, shamanism, divinatory tarot readings, spiritual counseling and compassionate spiritual healing
Aziz Shamanism
Blending various shamanic traditions to offer articles and courses on experiencing reality in a new way.
Blue Morpho Tours
Shamanic and spiritual tours and workshops to the Peruvian Amazon, with traditional shamans who practice the ancient and mystical healing arts of the jungle.
Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies
Offers workshops, retreats and adventures in a beautiful natural setting on the Edge of Algonquin Park.
Creativity, Healing, and Shamanism: The Workshop
A 4 day workshop that will teach the Shaman's art of entering sacred space within the framework of traditional shamanism, chaos theory and emerging science, and the World's Spiritual traditions.
The Heart of the Healer
Transformational journeys to Peru and Bolivia and shamanic workshops. Shamanism in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Shamanastic studies, practices, retreats and workshops available in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Dynamic meditation and guided shamanic traveling are only part of the programs offered by in Chaingmai.
Nicholas Noble Wolf - Traditional Shaman and Honored Man
Traditionally initiated shaman offering ceremonials, classes, workshops, and doctorings for a variety of conditions world-wide.
One Year Program in Advanced Shamanism
A training program in Advanced Shamanism beginning March 1, 2002. Topics covered include different techniques for entering non-ordinary reality, healing techniques, mask making and drum making.
Rowland Anton Barkley: The Deep Tranceforming Shaman
Practices Soul Retrieval, Implant Clearing, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and power of the Orishas. Articles and workshop information.
Sacred Valley Tribe
Transpersonal Shamanism Research Center in the Andes of Peru offers experimental self-exploration seminars using amazonian shamanic psychotropic plants in combination with eastern meditation techniques.
Shamanism Ireland
Resources on shamanism and shamanic land practices in Ireland including courses, workshops, holidays, healing therapy and sacred site guided tours.
A Spirit Talk Gathering
Offers workshops in gaining balance and healing through experiential wisdom.
Resource for tensegrity practitioners in the UK and Europe, giving details of workshops and seminars, plus mailing lists.

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