Contemporary shamanism focuses more on healing and the use of non-traditional sources (reiki and other new-age techniques) to produce similar results to that of a traditional shaman. Trance states, initiations and the use of psychoactive substances are used either to a lesser degree, or not as intensely as traditional shamanic practice. Many neo-shamanists are self-taught, whereas in traditional shamanism, one usually seeks out a teacher.

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Animal Spirits
Shamans work with their allies--the animal spirits. Learn the wisdom of over three hundred of these spiritual teachers.
Animist Ancestory
Shamanic journey classes, workshops and information that encourages connection to one's intuition and personal spirit world. Offers at home study.
Circle of the Living Earth
A shamanic educational and healing congregation.
Circle of the Sacred Earth
A shamanic church founded in 1990 offering religious ceremonies both traditional and non-traditional, spiritual healing, and training in shamanism. Ministers are in 20+ states and 6 foreign countries.
Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society
A metis organization, DTMMS offers opportunities for ceremony, healing and the study of shamanism through books, tapes, workshops and articles related to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.
Dermot O'Hara The Celtic Shaman
A full time Shaman practicing from his lodge in Ireland. He conducts ceremony and ritual of the old traditions honouring the Celtic celebrations of the ancestors of Eire. He is also available for workshops and sessions worldwide.
Four Winds Society, Inc.
Classes and in-depth training programs in Inka shamanism.
FoxFire Institute of Shamanic Studies
School of experiential Shamanism, healing arts and traditional medicine. Articles, links and a mailing list.
Heal Your Life Today Through Spirit Quest
Take the Native American approach to healing your life. Spirit Quest, the Native American way for getting in touch with your destiny, can help you.
The Hollow Bone
Workshops about Shamanism in Wisconsin, beginner to advanced levels.
Howard G. Charing
Features articles, workshop and course listings, and links to other sites.
The International School of Shamanism
Information on Shamanism; also group meeting and instruction details. Based in Atlanta, Georgia.
Mayan Shamanic Healing
Information on the healing practices of a Mayan shamanic healer, Mary Kay LeFevour.
Shamanism Ireland
Shamanism Ireland offers training courses in the healing journey of Celtic shamanic practice.
Society of Celtic Shamans
Dedicated to reconstructing the shamanic practices of the Celts.
Teachings of the Flowering Mountain
Spiritual activist and author Martín Prechtel organizes writing workshops and conferences to help people build and maintain their community through ritual.
Workshops and classes in standing and sitting meditation, chi gung and nei gung, taoist and indian yoga and a series of remarkable shamanic workshops in the toltec tradition.
Twin Flame Foundation
The co-creation of Donna TalkingLeaves and Mats Aguila. Since 1988 their dedication to healing the "separation of body and mind, substance and spirit" has been the catalyst for their work.
Walking With The Moon
An interesting collection of stories and articles on the nature of shamanism and its practice in the contemporary world.
Woodish Institute
A non-profit organization devoted to education about shamanism and to the creation of innovative projects aimed at the preservation of indigenous healing methods.
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