Information about the community and volunteer activities of individual Scientologists from all walks of life, including personal sites and news articles. A basic belief according to the Code of a Scientologist is to volunteer one's help to the community and society through the application of Dianetics and Scientology technology. One of the primary methods of volunteering for a Scientologist is as a Scientology Volunteer Minister. The Scientology Volunteer Ministers program provides training to anyone of any religion, faith or creed, including disaster relief training.
Scientology Volunteer Ministers
The official site of main volunteer group sponsored by the church that does community outreach and assists in disaster relief efforts worldwide. Provides program description, updated news and related links.
Helping Others in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
One Scientology Volunteer Minister tells of his day to day experiences as part of the disaster relief team in Louisiana in 2005.
International Children Crusade in Clearwater
Tells the story of a Scientology artist, Gracia Bennish, using her art to campaign for children's rights.
Katrina Hurricane Disaster Relief 2005
A personal weblog that documents the day to day activities of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers in efforts to help Hurricane Katrina victims.
New Newspaper for Youth Hits London Streets
Alexis Matthes launches her human rights newspaper through the London Independent and online.
Nexus of Queens: Seventh Annual Youth for Human Rights World Tour Launched
Provides some details of the Seventh Annual World Tour of Youth for Human Rights International tour which featured speeches by key figures in the field of human rights.
Scientology VM Cavalcades
A personal web log that documents many of the field activities of Volunteer Ministers.
Scientology Volunteer Ministers Blog
News on the Scientology Volunteer Minister activities, particularly covering first responder activities and disaster response.
Scientology Volunteers and Buddhist Monks
An article about Rev. Heber Jentzsch's recent visit to Sri Lanka and meeting with Chief Monk of the Sri Subodharama Buddhist Centre about fulfilling the spiritual and physical needs of the Tsunami survivors.
Tibetans Trained By Scientologists Treat Tsunami-hit Villagers
Explains the training exiled Buddhist monks have received and how they are using it to help victims in India. []
Volunteer Minister Blog
Describes efforts in South-East Asia relief activities.
Youth For Human Rights UK
An outreach project of the Foundation for Human Rights and Tolerance United Kingdom to teach human rights to young people.
Earthquake Victim Gets Special CT Treatment
A Haitian man who lost his leg in the earthquake is getting help from a CT doctor, arranged by Scientology Volunteer Minister, Ayal Lindeman. [NBC Connecticut] (February 22, 2010)
Curiously, An Outpost of Scientology
Describes the Boston church's Dorchester volunteer ministry and their tutorial program. [The Boston Globe] (August 14, 2005)
Scientologists Work to Aid Storm Victims
Interview with coordinator of Scientology Volunteer Ministers for hurricane Charley disaster relief in Charlotte County, Florida. [St. Petersburg Times Online] (August 22, 2004)
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