When concern is expressed over another's religious beliefs or practices, the situation can generally be handled with communication and seeking to see all sides of the question. This category provides the response needed to provide a balanced view in regard to the controversy surrounding Scientology.

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Freedom Magazine
Offers editorials, special reports, and investigative reporting.
CESNUR: Scientology
Press clippings, court documents, and conference papers. Multilingual. Focus is on church and state issues.
How Lawrence Wright Got It So Wrong
A point by point correction of falsehoods that exist in Lawrence Wright's book on Scientology from the Church of Scientology International.
Is Alex Gibney’s Upcoming HBO “Documentary” a Rolling Stone/UVA Redux?
The Church of Scientology's response to a planned HBO documentary about the Church of Scientology, providing information about HBO not confirming facts and not allowing the Church an opportunity to correct falsehoods from HBO sources.
Practicing Religious Intolerance
Actions taken by the German government violating the Constitution and justifying their attempts to deprive members of the Church of Scientology of their civil rights. Advertisement placed in the New York Times.
Registration of Scientology in Sweden
Background on the Swedish government's recognition of the churches of Scientology as a religion, with link to the original Swedish document.
Scientology Gives Truth, Including About Drugs
Salt Lake City Scientology minister responds to controversy about her religion. [Deseret News]
Scientology Myths 2.0
Responds to questions that are being asked all over the internet about Scientology, Scientologists, the Church structure and L. Ron Hubbard and seeks to separate fact from fiction.
Scientology Myths Forum
Responses from the Church of Scientology to critical articles and media reports presented against the Church.
The Truth Behind Scientology
An in-depth study dealing with the controversy on whether or not Scientology is a religion.
Who Is Amy Scobee?
Providing biographical data about Amy Scobee and data countering many of her criticisms against the Church.
Who is Michael Rinder.com
Documents activities of Scientology critic Michael Rinder and some of associates.
Church of Scientology statement - Today Show
The statement of the Church of Scientology in response to the book release of Andrew Morton's unauthorized Tom Cruise biography. (January 15, 2008)
Scientology Foes Continue Rancor
Article by Deborah O'Neil about Lisa McPherson's case, trying to give a balanced view. (St. Petersburg Times) (May 01, 2002)
Many Call on City, Church to Move On
With criminal case against it dropped, most Clearwater city officials predict the Church of Scientology should continue to gain greater acceptance. [St. Petersburg Times] (June 14, 2000)
Freedom on the Internet, As in Life, Requires Responsibility
Letter to the editor, by Church Public Affairs Director, on Amazon.com's removal and subsequent reinstatement of "A Piece of Blue Sky." [Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal] (June 18, 1999)
Mayor Hopes To Mend Rift with Scientology
Clearwater's new mayor, Brian Aungst, speaks of his intentions regarding the Church of Scientology and its future relationship with the community. [St. Petersburg Times] (March 21, 1999)
U.S. to List Germany for Abusing Scientologists
State Department expected to list Germany in its annual human rights report. [CNN] (January 27, 1997)
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