Personal webpages of individual Scientologists including families and children, about their successes in Scientology, their personal and life experiences, about their interests in life, etc.

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365 Days of Mackenzie
Proud father dotes on his baby girl and shares tips on how he and his wife use Scientology to raise a happy, healthy child.
Aerospace Bob
A personal weblog of a Scientologist with a career in the aerospace industry.
The Alf Blog
A personal weblog that offers many opinions about the world at large and recommends specific Scientology references to read.
Alice Pero
Poet, artist and dancer, Alice tells of her purpose to awaken the creative spirit in all children and children of every age, and how Scientology has helped her.
Blog No Michi
A Scientologist comments on current events and his religion, and recommends various sites on various subjects.
Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health
Personal Weblog focuses on the subject of Dianetics.
Do The Right Thing
A web log where a Scientologist presents his ideas including how he uses his religion in his daily life.
Doug Fairchild
Whimsical website of an artist (and his dogs). Doug also shares how he has used Scientology to help people for thirty years.
Engineering a New World
The personal web log of a Volunteer Minister and Scientologist computer professional that covers a range of topics.
FPM: A Scientology Network Engineer's Blog
A personal web log of a Scientologist IT professional that covers many of the activities of Volunteer Ministers and other Church activities.
Friends_Friend's Journal
A personal weblog covering a wide variety of current news and topics in the Scientology community.
Good News Blog
Betsy writes about her interests, beliefs and good news of all kinds, with an emphasis on Scientology information.
Humanitarians - People helping Others
A Scientologist shares her views about the humanitarian and community involvement activities of her church.
Jane's Pages
Homeschooling mom talks about Scientology and her kids and offers help to other parents.
Janna Trevisanut
Describes her interests, causes, career and what she has gotten from Scientology.
Jim & Tamra Meskimen
Husband and wife actors, active on the L.A. improv scene. Biographies and resumés, current projects, information on their improvisational theatre company and cartoon captioning contest.
Life Survives
Aleksey Tsalolikhin's personal weblog about his journey in Scientology.
My Church of Scientology Blog
Information on Church events, personalities, news and activities.
My Scientology Blog
Grahame, a Scientologist for 20 years, shares his thoughts on the subject.
PB & J
The Beckers tell how they met and married at the Church of Scientology.
Random Religious News (Scientology and Else)
A personal weblog providing commentary on Scientology and other religious news events.
Sandy's Good News
A personal blog of a Scientologist with her take on the issues of the day, and her ideas and personal goals.
Scientology in Clearwater
A personal weblog including news about Scientology activities in Clearwater.
Scientology Lives
Valerie describes her life, comments about current events and provides insights into her experiences as a Scientologist.
Scientology Organizations Around the World
A Scientologist shares his personal experiences of all the different Scientology Church he has visited over the years. Includes some 3D maps and photographs.
Steve's Home at the Schönherz Dormitory
Personal web site of István Szaniszló, a member of the Sea Organization.
Ugi Moi
A very entertaining personal site of a Scientologist and successful artist from Italy.
UpTone News
A personal weblog of a Scientologist that explores a personal range of interests and discusses various topics about Scientology.
Welcome to My World
Web log about Scientology events and activities.
What Strikes My Fancy
A personal web log from a Scientologist covering a wide range of topics about church activities.
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