This category includes many public and private colleges and universities with respect to the academic programs in religion they offer. Many links will take you to program descriptions, degrees offered, courses offered, and faculty profiles. Also included are a few centers and institutions dedicated solely to the academic study of religion. Note: this category aims at representing all faith traditions equally, so please submit a suggestion if you see resources left out.

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Arizona State University, Tempe
The Department of Religious studies brings together perspectives and approaches from history, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, and literature to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the individuals and traditions that constitute religions and cultures. When students major or minor in religious studies they can tailor their program to suit their individual interests, such as focusing on a particular region of the world, or a particular religious tradition.
Brown University
The Department of Religious Studies offers a graduate program leading to the degrees of M.A. and Ph.D., with specializations in History of Religions: Early Christianity and Western Religious Thought.
California State University, Chico
Department of Religious Studies. The academic study of religion at CSU, Chico, focuses on a) historical studies of Eastern and Western religious traditions; b)textual studies of the sacred writings in religious traditions; c) methodological studies which seek to understand and interpret religious traditions and cultural symbols; and d)cognate studies which relate religion to aspects of culture such as literature and the arts, ethics and law, psychology, sociology, and philosophy.
California State University, Northridge
The Religious Studies Department at California State University, Northridge offers a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies. The Department encourages students to draw upon a variety of fields and disciplines for African-American Studies, Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology. A major will be able to interpret religious texts, think both empathetically and critically about conflicting religious claims, acquire knowledge of the history of more than one major religious tradition, apply intercultural methods to religious inquiry and analysis, and articulate a perception of one's role in society, in both career and public service options.
Colby College
The academic study of religion focusing upon the origins and historical development of several of the world's major religious traditions with the goal of enabling students to understand and appreciate religious diversity in the modern world.
Dartmouth College
The Religion Department offers instruction, from the introductory to the advanced level, in most of the world's major religious traditions: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, the religions of the ancient Near East, the religions of Africa, and religious life in Native North America.
Duke University
The Department of Religious Studies is one of the largest Humanities departments at Duke and one of the most prestigious departments of religion in the entire country. The Department offers instruction in all the major religions, notably Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism.
Emory University
Undergraduate Division of Religion.
Emory University
Graduate Division of Religion.
Florida International University
Religious Studies Department. The Religious Studies major serves as a basis for students who wish to pursue the study of religion or theology as a career, for students preparing for a career in counseling, education, business, law or medicine, or for students who wish to undertake a dual major in a related field of study. Both a B.A. and M.A. are being offered.
Harvard University
The Committee on the Study of Religion is a standing committee of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, comprised of instructors from both F.A.S. members and the Divinity School. Degrees offered include the Ph.D., Th.D., and B.A.
Hollins University
Women's liberal arts college in Virginia. Undergraduate religious studies program.
Indiana University Religious Studies Department
Undergraduate and graduate programs.
Princeton University
Department of Religion.
Rutgers University
Department of Religion.
Southern Methodist University
Department of Religious studies offers B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in Religious Studies; minor in Religious Studies.
Syracuse University
The study of Religion at Syracuse is distinctive. From the introductory level through the Ph.D., the range of courses, developed within the College of Arts and Sciences, in contradistinction to a theological seminary, opens conversations with historians, literary critics, novelists,poets, philosophers, linguists, sociologists, psychologists, and anthropologists.
University of California, Riverside
The Department of Religious Studies provides an opportunity to study diverse religious traditions of the world. Students are able to examine texts, symbols, myths, rituals, ideas, values, institutions, and intellectual (theological, philosophical, and ethical) systems of many traditions, such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, African and Native American religions. Religion is studied empathetically, descriptively, and critically with the aid of historical, exegetical, literary, philosophical, theological, and social-scientific (e.g. anthropological, socio-logical, and psychological) methods of inquiry.
University of California, Santa Barbara
Programs for the Study of Religion Worldwide, Religious Studies Department. Over 750 programs in Religious Studies/Theology listed, from colleges and universities across the world. Listed alphabetically and geographically.
University of Colorado
The Department of Religious Studies offers comprehensive programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts and the Master of Arts degrees in religious studies. The program aims to provide students with a broad knowledge of religion as a dimension of human culture, familiarity with a variety of approaches to the academic student of religion, training in advanced research skills.
University of Dayton
Department of Religious Studies. Presented from within the Catholic tradition, a major in Religious Studies at UD develops a broad scope of basic areas including biblical studies, moral questions, the teachings and history of Christianity and other religious traditions. There are also courses in the teachings of religion, religion and culture, and pastoral questions.
University of Pennsylvania
The academic study of religion examines how the beliefs and values of contemporary and historical cultures shape and are shaped by societal factors, long-standing traditions, and distinctive forms of literary and artistic expression.
Western Illinois University
Religious studies is the academic examination of one of the most important phenomena of human culture.

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