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Offers articles, questions and answers, humor, political thought, and religious studies.
Anthony E. Baker - Agony Uncle for the Spiritually Bemused
Questions and answers to spiritual problems from readers of the site and an excerpt from his book
Ashley's Stuff
An exploration of religious and spiritual texts. Includes the Koran, Satanic Bible and Necronomicon.
Asian Reflection
Damon Lynch's views on Asian spirituality and its impact on our world.
Bhagti Da Ghar
An Oblation to Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj.
Gaianxaos X-talks
Explorations of chaos, quantum theory, consciousness, higher dimensions, Hindu philosophy, Mayan calendar, psychedelics, goddesses, and nature.
Hello Out There
Personal religious experiences. Includes famous quotes, resources, and links.
I Take Off The Mask
Spiritual insight on managing money, building relationships, and improving overall happiness. Offers motivational poems, quotes, essays, prayers and affirmations.
Jeshurun's Page
Michael Ateek personal web page about religion and society. Features articles about conspiracies, history, law, his autobiography and education, and a membership section.
Kury, Rayed
Personal with inspirational information and helpful announcements about spirituality.
Love - In Search of a Reason for Living
A book about life, the purpose of which is to send you on a journey through your heart, mind, and soul.
Makes Me Go Hmm
A different way of looking at God and spirituality. Includes tools for daily living.
Mind, Heart, and Mysteries
Three souls embodied by life's mysteries, unraveling its meaning as one mind and one heart.
New Consciousness Bible
A free e-book with interview transcripts, journals, and photographs documenting events equated with the paranormal or supernatural.
Our Little Doorways to Heaven
Offers inspirational poems and essays by Charles David Heineke, audio postcards, essential oils, and marketing opportunities.
P U Kamble
It gives a profile of P U Kamble, a writer, computer professional and author of article titled "God and Religion - A 'Scientific' and Objective Look".
The Seer
Articles about variety of transformational topics.
Simon's Obscure Pages
A selection of essays on a range of subjects centering on esoteric religious and quasi-religious beliefs.
Steve's Dinner
Series of lectures in history, religion and mystery, on Jiddu Krishnamurti, theosophy, Christianity, and early Goddess worship.
The Tim Maroney Web Collection
Presents some of his essays, personal information, and other projects.

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