Radical Faeries form a diverse movement. Predominantly gay men, but also featuring many other people whose sexuality is "queer" one way or another, they draw on diverse spiritual traditions to find the faeries own way of being and becoming. Especially neo-pagan and Wicca but also native american spirituality, buddhism, new age, and a bunch of others with and without names.

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Cumpost: A Radical Faerie Site
An established and growing circle of gay and queer men centered on the land a.k.a. Amber Fox. Site is explicit.
Faerie Camp Destiny
Faerie land in Vermont, USA. Gatherings, aerial photograph, email list, documents regarding decision making.
The Faerie List FAQ
Information about a big, old email list which has been cross-pollinating the radical faerie tribes for years.
Folleterre Sanctuary
Faerie land in Europe. Contains photos, financial information, plans, and decision making.
The Northwoods band of radical faeries are in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Chicago, and elsewhere.
Radical Faeries
Larry Roberts story of his first faerie gathering, published in Holy Titclamps #2.
RFD Magazine
Nationally distributed magazine concerning rural gay men and related areas of human growth and consciousness. Topics include alternative lifestyles, homesteading, politics, gardening, cooking, contact letters, poetry, fiction, prisoner concerns, men's arts, health, photography, and book reviews.
Temple's Homo Page
Gay interest fiction, non-fiction, comics, artwork, erotica from the perspective of a pagan rad-fey. Oh yes, and the stray manifesto or two.
Who are the Radical Faeries?
This is the classic manifesto which starts out "We are a network of faggot farmers, workers, artists, drag queens, political activists, witches, magickians, rural and urban dwellers who see gays and lesbians as a distinct and separate people, with our own culture, ways of being/becoming, and spirituality."
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