Faery, Faerie or Feri Tradition delves into sites related to the magick of the Fae, the Wee Folk, the Gentry, the Sidhe, the Tuatha de Danaan - the "Faery Faith". Some sites are quite serious, others playful.

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3rd Road Faery Tradition
Presents the tradition taught by author Francesca De Grandis.
Academy of the Faerie Folk
Links, reading list, and discussions.
Church of the Spiral Tree
Incorporated in August 1997 to provide a legal, tax-exempt status to those of the faerie faith in Alabama, and the larger community.
A Contemporary View of the World of the Fair Folk
Modern descriptions of the world of the Celtic sea god Manannan Mac Lir, and the associated faerie lineages of gods, mages, bards, artists, and warriors.
Covenant of Rhiannon Community
A Welsh faerie tradition coven, located in Cape May, NJ.
Faerie Wonderland
Poetry, graphics, facts, believe buttons, adoptees as well as things just for fun.
Original faerie art by Nedda Angelina Shishegar.
Faeries and Other Wee Folk
Favorite plants, names, superstitions, interests, and poems.
Faery Faith
The official homepages for the faery faith and faery wicca books by Kisma Stepanich, about the Irish faery faith tradition as practiced in America.
Faery Folk and Kin
Large list and descriptions of types of faeries and relations.
The Faery Tradition
A variety of faery information and links.
Rituals and essays on the practices of paganism from the perspective of a teacher of the craft, and initiate of the feri tradition.
Fly with Fairies- Do you believe?
Site has: fairie facts, resources, fairy-related book reviews, quotes, fairyasaura, poems, websites, comics and cartoons; a Fairy Believers Club and reasources for lovers of the fae.
Francesca De Grandis
A faery shaman trained by Victor Anderson.
Francesca's Wiccan and Faerie Grimoire
Resources, excerpts and links.
The Glistening Pixie
Frequently asked faery questions, images, links,and a directory.
Moth's Fae
Offers a small assortment of information, faery tales, and links.
My Take on the Faery Faith
Robert S. Bitting's personal view of his own discovery of the faery paths and what they mean.
The Realm of the Fae
Art work, encyclopedia and gallery.
T. Thorn Coyle
Feri tradition priestess offers: workshop descriptions, travel schedule, music, writings and philosophy.
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