Websites approved to this category are: 1. organizations -- not web pages, or closed covens, but organizations that meet and take new members, or serve other wiccan organizations as more than just a web presence 2. organizations that revere the earth and are on a positive path 3. organizations that call and consider themselves "wiccan" Specific traditions should submit under "traditions". If your practice is based less on ritual and more on intuition, family history and the "old ways" you'll find others of like mind under "Traditional Witchcraft". Blessed be!

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Women of Wisdom Foundation
Boston area 501(c)(3) organization that offers women classes, workshops and gatherings for personal growth and transformation in safe space. Details on membership, rituals, classes and the 2005 Conference.
African American Wiccan Society
Not exclusively Wiccan, open to anyone who wishes to celebrate in the Metaphysical Pagan spirit throughout the world and the United States.
British Columbia Witchcamp Community
An extended family of Witches and Pagans working in the Reclaiming and Dianic traditions throughout western Canada and the northwestern States. Information on annual gatherings, including the long-running B.C. Witchcamp and its sister gatherings, Queercamp and Sappho Camp, facilitated by Ruth Barrett.
Connect DC
Wiccan-based public ritual group that seeks to heal and transform Washington DC. Rituals are held four times a year on the equinoxes and solstices, and are open to the public. Web site has information about rituals, planning, community classes and related events.
Connecticut Wiccan and Pagan Network
Organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the greater Wiccan and Pagan community in the Connecticut area. Website gives notice of rituals, drummings and other area events.
Earth-based spirituality group based in northern Illinois. Diverse members, and a strong tolerance for all beliefs. Site gives details of gatherings and Spiral Scouts group for young people.
The Doreen Valiente Foundation
in memory of Doreen Valiente 1922-1999 the Mother of Modern Witchcraft.
Ecclesia Ordinis Caelestis Templum Olympicus
Multi-traditional church with lodges in Florida, Minnesota and South Dakota. Traditions include Hellenic-Alexandrian Witchcraft (Greek/Roman/Egyptian) and Alexandrian Wicca (an eclectic Wiccan tradition).
Evergreen Tradition
Wiccan Tradition offering classes and growth path in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Global Goddess
Organization seeking to establish a worldwide network of women interested in goddess-centered spirituality through regional, state and local groups. Site has contact information, information on their email list, and features The Oracle, their e-zine.
North Carolina Piedmont Church of Wicca
North Carolina eclectic wiccan church offering rituals, sabbat and esbat celebrations, study and community services. FAQs, schedule of events and links.
Portland Reclaiming
Organization of Reclaiming Witches in Portland, Oregon. Offers rituals, classes, workshops and professional services such as handfasting. Website has pages dedicated to activism and upcoming events, including Witchcamp.
The Sisterhood of Avalon
Celtic Women's Mysteries organization working with a Goddess-centered path and a Welsh pantheon. Information about pilgrimages, intensives held in various states, philosophy and membership.
Society of Elder Faiths
Church/organization founded by elders of five wiccan covens to provide services to pagan/wiccans in Massachusetts. Site has group's philosophy, schedule for open rituals and retreats and information on annual Lammas Games gathering.
Wiccan Church Of Canada
Active in Ontario, Canada, with established temples in several cities. Site has reading list, information on contacting other temples and calendar of events.
Wiccan Church of Minnesota
Multitraditional Wiccan organization made up of individuals and covens dedicated to the celebration of Wiccan spirituality. Organization offers both public and private rituals. Site has recommended reading, upcoming events and general information on Wicca.
Wiccan Interfaith Council International
An international dues-free organization for Wiccans, Pagans, Witches, and Heathens from the global community. The Council provides educational and social activities to build appreciation and support for Wiccan inter/intrafaith efforts.
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