A Book of Shadows is the personal work of each Witch/Pagan. Sites listed here should be heavy on content including articles, studies and personal experiences with the rituals, beliefs, history and science of Wicca.

Books of Shadows not heavy on content should be listed under Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Pagan/Wicca/Personal_Pages/

Please list specific traditions in the Traditions category.

Sites submitted here should be primarily NON-commercial.

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Belgarion's Blends
An eclectic Solitary's 35 year collection of information.
Blessed Be Online Wiccan Resource Center
Personal Wiccan BOS with online articles, spells, books, tools, magickal correspondences, oil and incense recipes, chants, poetry, and local resources.
Blue Moon Manor
Information, glossary, opinions, and analysis of Witchcraft and Wicca.
Citadel of the Dragons
Information on the different practices and beliefs of Wicca.
Druantia: Woman And Witch
Includes directory of gods and goddesses, information on types of magick and divination, and magickal names.
Enid's Loft
Dedicated to the sharing of magick and knowledge.
A Fire Scrying Chant - Paganlore.com
A collection of spells and rituals.
Good Wiccan
A complete 'how to' resource for the beginner/solitary practitioner.
Grotto of the Swamp Witch
Swamp Witch spirit, wisdom, magick, spells and recipes. Granny Witch the Swamp Hag, just for fun.
Hearthwitch's Book of Shadows
Describes initiation, casting a circle, tools, casting spells, essential oils, candle making, and divination.
Joelle's Sacred Grove
Resources for the Celtic Witch.
Just Wicca
A website dedicating to providing information about Wicca.
Lotus Pond, The
A collection of essays and information about Wicca; includes a weblog.
Love Spells Org UK
A group of (non-profit) witches offering their love spell casting advice, tips, spells and chat forum.
Lunar Pearl
Tips for solitary practitioners, lore, useful rituals.
Moondust's Wiccan Magick
Basic information for beginners and the curious.
Moonmaidens Wiccan Page
A basic collection of information including spells, rituals, runes, candle magick, and herbs.
New Age Women's Village Witchcraft Information
Information about the historical roots of many terms used in the Craft, as well as information on modern pagan tools and symbols.
New Moon's Book of Shadows
Includes spells and rituals, correspondences, herbal information, chants and blessings.
Pagan Teen Witches' Realm
A safe place and rich resource for teenagers to learn about the Pagan Religion.
Raven's Caw an online resouce for Pagans, Wiccans,Witches
Various bits of information for Pagans and Witches. Hosted by the Morrighanic Tradition, which honors the Dark Mother.
Saffron Grove
Information on the Sabbats, spells, correspondences, fearies, and Wiccan history.
Sephiroth's Wiccan Lounge
Spells from the guestbook and other sources.
Silver ShadowWolf's Magickal Realm
Articles, histories, spells, pictures, BoS, related backgrounds, Tarot readings and personal perspectives of a witch.
Spells of Magic
A collection of online spell books; 'fortune' telling programs and sponsored online covens.
White Wicca
An information resource on Wicca, correspondences, spells, tools as well as a forum to share news and views and a craft shop.
Wicca-A way of life.
A small site about Wicca. Need visitors to submit spells and articles.
The Wiccan Garden
A great place for beginners with a large amount of information about a many magickal topics.
Wiccan Maiden's Purple Pages
A collection of Celtic-flavored wiccan information about the wheel of the year, rede, gemstones, herbs, chakras and moon charts.
Wiccan Realm
Information on Wicca and witchcraft for the beginner, intermediate and a bit for the advanced.
Wiccan Spells and WitchCraft
Information about witchcraft and magic for the beginner.
The Wiccan Way
Collection of basic craft information along with personal notes and essays.
Wiccan Way
Basic lore and information.
Wiccan World
Nice collection of reference materials for many witch-related things.
Witchcraft - World of Wicca
A collection of information about Wicca and Witchcraft.
Witchdom, all about Witchcraft
A website of various subjects, including guides on casting circles, rituals, correspondences, spell craft, aura reading, astral travel, runes, and tarot.
The Witches Collective
A site geared towards the intellectual and spiritual enrichment of the pagan community. Offering free training, chat, forum, book of shadows , and spell writing.
The Witches' Window
Resources and information about Witchcraft and Wicca including metaphysical supplies, articles and gift ideas.
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