Mailing lists for pagans to contact one another via email.

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This is a list for seekers to discuss Western Mystery Traditions.
Aussie Pagans
Friendly pagan mailing list, bringing the Australian pagan community together.
Eos Goddess of Dawn Worship
Discuss primeval and primordial Great Triple Goddess.
Gerina Dunwich's Cauldron
An open forum for Witches, Pagans and magickal folks from all traditions and walks of life. Message board, chat room, photo albums, and links.
Lorain County Witches
For Pagans in the Lorain County, Ohio area. Many activities offline also.
This list is for non-wiccan pagans to get together and discuss paganism, life, love, and generally chat with each other.
Pagan Clergy
The pagan-clergy mailing list was created to give pagan and heathen clergyfolk a place for information exchange and support. Topics relating to living and working as a clergyperson are considered fair game, as are general discussions of apologetics, polytheology, pastoral care and counseling, ritual development and presentation, training programs, legal concerns, and leadership issues.
The Pagan Love Nest
Pagan singles and discussion.
Pagan Parenting List
For Pagan parents seeking support, advice, laughter, and whatever else they might need.
Pagan Pathways Community
A mixed mystery tradition and wiccan community.
A study list and a Buddy/Mentor system where you may find a Buddy, StudyBuddy or Mentor for personal discussion, either in real life or via email.
Every month we discuss one Deity. We attempt to gain insight and spirituality from our Gods/Goddesses myths and symbols. For beginners and advanced practitioners.
PolyPagans Group
A place for polyamorous Pagans to come for discussion.
Reconstructionist Interfaith
eList to facilitate information exchange, support, and networking among the members of reconstructionist religions. Reconstructionists are defined as those practicing religions derived from ancient (pre-Christian) faiths whose historical progress was interrupted by conversion, and which are currently being revived.
SilverMist Tradition
Mailing list for the SilverMist tradition. A wiccan-pagan tradition with an online coven.
Temple of Athena
This list is for all Sons and Daughters of the Goddess as she manifests as either Minerva,The Morrigan, Danu, Brigid or as Athena. It is a place for them to Gather as they head her call to remember.
UK Solo Wiccans
For those interested and practising Wicca. Targeted for UK residents, but open to all.
Wiccan Unity
A friendly, open group that welcomes all Wiccans and pagans alike.
Wine And Cakes
An open list for Pagans and other heathens who share a passion for cooking, brewing, feasting, and the social joys that can only be expressed over broken bread. Here they share recipes, ideas, suggestions, resources, and other anecdotes.
Witchcraft List
Spellcrafting, occult systems, witchcraft as a religion and way of life. Any topic that has to do with witchcraft in the widest sense of the word.
Yahoo Groups: Beeper Pagans
A place for female pagans who suffer from mental illness (such as Bipolar/Beepers).
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