This category covers organizations that works with building connections between members of the different Pagan religions.

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Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans, Inc.
Promotes networking among Pagan-identified Unitarian Universalists, and provides for the outreach of Unitarian Universalism to the broader Pagan community.
The Open Hearth Foundation
Works to create dedicated gathering space and resources for Pagans of all paths.
The All Ways Network
Promoting religious freedom and pagan unity.
Antelope Valley Pagans
A resource for Pagans in the High Desert area of California, the Antelope Valley area of Palmdale, Lancaster and neighboring communities.
Appalachian Pagan Alliance
Organization from Skyland, NC which promotes acceptance, networking and awareness of the Pagan religion in the Appalachian Mountain area.
The Art Of Living Pagan Church
Pagan Church in Farmersville, Texas. Contact information and other useful information. Shamans, Pagans, Wiccan and all interested in following The Great Spirit and Honoring Mother Earth.
Binghamton Pagan Community
Pagan group in the Upstate, NY and bordering PA (Southern Tier) composed of Wiccans and other pagans who meet to celebrate the Sabbats.
Circle of Gaia Dreaming
Outreach group attempting to link any Pagan-based faith in the area. Offers information, events and links.
The Circle of Wisdom
An organization dedicated to the eduacation and unity of the Pagan community.
Diana's Grove Retreat Center
A community, a philosophy, magical land and intentional work. An earth-based spiritual philosophy that honors the seasons, the innate wisdom within each individual and the divinity of all life.
Earth Religions Assistance Network
Information and contacts pertinent to helping Earth Religionists with legal problems because of their religion
Four Quarters InterFaith Sanctuary of Earth Religion
Providing safe and sacred ceremonial space for the modern practice of Ancient Religion. A membership based Church, Camp and Religious Community within the Neo Pagan revival.
Free Spirit
A nonprofit spiritual networking organization composed of pantheist groups and individuals in the Baltimore and DelMarVa area.
Glastonbury Goddess Conference
With ceremonies, adorations and praise songs to the Goddess; talks, workshops, and beautiful Womanspirit Exhibitions.
Lake Circle Coven
Pagan mixed-tradition group based in the Tri-State Metro region of New York (US) which has camping events in New York, about an hour north of NYC.
The Lending Heart
Pagan Community Library.
Lodgepole Circle Homepage
A place where pagans from the Jefferson County/Southeastern Wisconsin area can get together, exchange information and ideas, and celebrate.
Mid-Atlantic Pagan Alliance
An eclectic group of Pagans with a focus on holiday celebrations, charity work, and networking in New Jersey.
Official Real Paganism Forum
A free online forum for serious practitioners of Real Paganism and Pagan Earth-based spiritualities.
Out Of The Dark, Inc.
Your one stop spot for information relating to WitchCraft, Magic, Witches, Wicca, Goddess Worship, Pagan, Heathen, and other Earth Centered and Nature based Religious Faiths.
The Pagan Alliance of Kokomo
Also known as "The PAK", a social/networking group of Pagan and Pagan friendly in and around the Kokomo, Indiana area. [not suitable for all browsers]
Pagan Community Church
A small but growing community of like minded individuals in Bridgeport, CT, gathering for rituals on the Sabbats, Esbats and New Moons.
Pagan Gatherings
This is one of many sites that present gatherings, often "co-ed" and held around solstice and lunar events.
Phoenix Festivals
Organizers of AutumnMeet, PhoenixPhyre and First @ solstice Pagan gatherings.
RainBowBridge Builders
A spirituality based networking community centered in Middle TN. United by the idea that all paths are sacred.
The Rainwater Society
Dedicated to insuring that young Pagans and those seeking have a place to learn, enjoy, and come together.
Sacred Harvest Festival Minnesota
Pagan gathering by the Minnesota Harmony Tribe, magic tribal community celebration of earth based nature spirituality. Workshops, resources, and fire drumming.
An online resource to help Saskatchewan Pagans to network.
Sisters of the Silver Branch
A Pagan women's study and ritual group located in the Washington, DC (USA) area with a primary focus on Irish and British Mysteries.
Summerland Grove Pagan Church
A growing church in Memphis, TN dedicated to celebrating the diversity in our community.
The Wilkes-Barre Pagans Network
Site offering a listing of local events, local contacts, and websites by locals. Also the home of the W-B Teens Group.
Worldwide Pagan Network
Devoted to provide a worldwide network for pagans for learning and fellowship. Supporters of Pagan Relief.
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