In the 1000 years that has passed since the conversion era, much of the culture and religious practices of our ancestors have been lost to us. But surprisingly much of this heritage was recorded by historians like Tacitus, and by chroniclers like Snorri Sturlasson, Saxo Gramaticus and Bede. Other sources include the Arabic Ibn Fadlans account of the Rus, in his Risala, and the Icelandic Sagas, that first where passed down from generation to generation, and then written down. The ancients had a vast and rich mythology. Saved for us in works like the Eddas, Beowulf and many of the stories found in what is now fairy tales, have a pre- conversion origin, and may give us insight into the beliefs and cosmology of our ancestors. Many customs and practices of the ancients have survived right up to modern times, as they where either incorporated into the new religion, or continued in parallel with it. Much of this has also been recorded and saved for future generations. Finally, modern historians, archaologists and others researchers have published extensively on the old religion. The purpose of this category is to collect available online sources from this vast and rich literature heritage.

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The Anglo-Saxon Dooms, 560-975
Presented by Oliver J. Thatcher in "The Library of Original Sources". This text is part of the Internet Medieval Source Book.
Gambara and the Longbeards
Abstracted from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Deutsche Sagen. One of the few ancient stories about Germanic gods to survive outside of Scandinavia.
In the Days of Giants
A Book of Norse Tales, by Abbie Farwell Brown. E-text by the Baldwin Project.
Old Icelandic texts, primarily Eddaic and Skaldic poetry, with English translations, concordances, and commentaries.
Norse Stories Retold from the Eddas
By Hamilton Wright Mabie, e-texts by the Baldwin project.
Odin´s Gift - Norse Heathen Poetry Forum
Growing collection of today´s Asatru poetry. Artwork, related classical poems, links to heathen poetry sites, tips for writing and publishing. Submissions welcome.
Old Norse e-texts
A collection of Sophus Bugge´s transcription of Sæmundur Edda in Icelandic.
Icelandic medieval literature online from Cornell Library.
Teutonic Myth and Legend
by Donald A. Mackenzie. An Introduction to the Eddas and Sagas, Beowulf, The Nibelungenlied and other mythology.
Thematic Entries to Project Runeberg
This page is an attempt to give an organised overview of those works in Project Runeberg's archives that captures, represents, or describes aspects of Nordic traditions.
The Visigothic Code: Forum Iudicum
The Law Code of the Visigoths of Spain. In translation with a helpful preface.
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