The Lisa McPherson Files
Police interviews, sworn statements, depositions, and other evidence from the Clearwater Police Department investigation.
Lisa McPherson Memorial Page
Dedicated to a young woman who this site says was "killed by the Church of Scientology." Overview of the case, timeline, news coverage, information on the civil lawsuit for wrongful death, court documents, autopsy photos.
Judge Releases McPherson Autopsy Photos
The Church of Scientology tried to prevent publication of photos from Lisa McPherson's autopsy, but the Second District Court of Appeal ordered that the photos be released to the public. (July 21, 2000)
Judge Rejects Church Argument
Circuit Court judge rules that religious practice is not the issue in Lisa McPherson's death, pointing out that Scientology does not forbid medical care. Therefore the Church of Scientology's involvement is not protected by the Constitution. (April 08, 2000)
Scientology Promises Long Fight
The church will vigorously battle charges in the Lisa McPherson case, an attorney says. (December 16, 1998)
McPherson Relatives Lead Protest
Protesters gather in a somber ceremony outside the Fort Harrison Hotel, where Lisa McPherson spent her final days. (December 06, 1998)
Former Scientologist Shares Familiar Tale of Force-feeding
Church officials say the Denmark man's allegations lack credibility in a case similar to that of Lisa McPherson. (December 05, 1998)
Church Pleads Innocent to Criminal Charges
The Church of Scientology requests a jury trial in the case of member Lisa McPherson, who died in 1995. (December 01, 1998)
Commentary: Scientology's New Tack
Church of Scientology officials now admit they made a mistake in the case of the Lisa McPherson, who died in the organization's care, but questions remain. (November 20, 1998)
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