This category covers the controversies surrounding this "religion." Including links to sites opposed to Scientology with explanations as to why they are against it.

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Operation Clambake
Extensive news articles, analyses, and criticism of Scientology, Dianetics, and L. Ron Hubbard. Includes personal accounts of former Scientologists, books, press kits, discussion, and links.
Another Day in Scientology-land
Catarina Sandström Pamnell tells about her years as a Scientologist, and why she left. Also "Xenu Illustrated," a cartoon guide to Scientology's secret levels. And a deposition by a high-ranking Scientologist about their Advanced Technology.
The Archives of Mark Plummer - "Warrior" & "Miss X"
Images, letters, newsgroup postings, and other documents from a former member.
Christianity and Scientology--A Comparison
Examines the claim that the religious beliefs and teachings of Scientology are compatible with those of Christianity.
The Church of Scientology
About Scientology from a Christian perspective. Argues that Scientology and Christianity are mutually exclusive, despite what the Church of Scientology may say on the topic.
Contender Ministries: Scientology
Examines the beliefs and practice of Scientology from a Christian perspective.
Critical Information about Scientology
By Jeff Jacobsen. Personal experience of harassment by Scientology, articles, humor, suggestions for protesting Scientology, legal documents.
The Cult of Scientology
An overview of Scientologist beliefs, essays on Scientology as an "amoral cult" and on free speech issues, glossary of Scientologese, recommended resources.
Robert Todd Carroll of the Skeptic's Dictionary examines the claim that Dianetics is a science.
Comparison of Scientology and Anthroposophy, for those who know a little about the former but are unfamiliar with the latter. Also a summary of the Church of Scientology's war on the Internet, and a list of those gravely injured by Scientology.
Ex Scientologist
For people who are questioning their involvement in Scientology. Includes essays from former members, and a message board.
Ex-cult Resource Center: Scientology
Archive of documents including the 'Fishman Affidavit', a review of the 'Philadelphia Doctorate Tapes', a Finn's perspective, and testimonials.
Ex-Scientology Kids
Women who grew up in the Church of Scientology and then left, offer support to those who have questions about Scientology. Glossary, FAQ, personal stories of young Scientologists.
Examining the Church of Scientology
Research resources, news and news archive covering the Church of Scientology.
The Gerry Armstrong Chronicle
Usenet postings and photos related to Gerry Armstrong, former "official" biographer of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology.
The High Weirdness Project: An Introduction to Scientology
Wiki offering information as well as annotated links to related sites.
Contains opinion articles as well as many court documents about the frauds and scams of Scientology.
I Write, Therefore I Am
Karin Spaink's columns and essays, many of them criticizing Scientology. In English and Dutch.
Jeremy Perkins: A Scientology Tragedy
The murder of Elli Perkins by her son Jeremy, who was later diagnosed as schizophrenic, and the claims of Scientology's role in the tragedy.
Le Secticide - L'anti - Scientologie
English and bilingual French-English section of a French anti-Scientology site. News articles, editorials, court transcripts, and other texts critical of the criminal cult of Scientology.
News on Scientology, essays, FAQs, and humor. Presented by ex-Scientologist Arnaldo Lerma.
The Lisa McPherson Trust
Exposing the abusive and deceptive practices of the Church of Scientology. Mirror of the now-defunct Lisa McPherson Trust.
Mike Rinder's Blog
A former spokesman for the church now exposes what he sees as the religion's obsession with money and its damaging policy of disconnection.
Moving On Up a Little Higher
Marty Rathbun's blog, offering commentary and videos.
Utilizes philosophical concepts, as well as Christian theology, to challenge the claims of Scientology practitioners.
The Real Steve Fishman Home Page
Steven Fishman, a former Scientologist, was sued by the Church of Scientology after he revealed their securities fraud to Time magazine. His book "Lonesome Squirrel" in several formats. Newsgroup postings and links.
The Rediscovery of the Human Soul by L. Ron Hubbard
A publicist asked Robert Todd Carroll to consider this book. He obliges, at considerable length. Scientology is not a religion, and not scientific, he says; it is perhaps best described as a philosophical cult.
Refund and Reparation
Documentation related to one former member's attempts to obtain a refund from the Church of Scientology as well as Scientology-related articles, letters, and images.
Scientology - the Cult of Eternal Litigation
An outsider to Scientology explains why the cult has aroused the wrath of netizens and drawn the interest of investigative journalism. Includes a guide to Scientologist jargon, and the wog FAQ.
Scientology and Dianetics
Claims to be the world's largest online archive of the dirty secrets of Scientology. At FACTNet.
Scientology Audited
An archive of independent research and documentation on Scientology.
Scientology Critical Information Directory
Directory of information, including articles and personal accounts.
Scientology Critics' Information
Topics covered include human rights abuses, a critical examination of the religion's beliefs and practices, a guide to UK activism, and a media archive.
Scientology Lies
Reviews and refutes Scientology's claims about its founder, its members, its critics, its cost, its drug treatment program, its policies, its ethics, its beliefs, and its compatibility with traditional religions. Includes anecdotes about the site owner's harassment by Scientologists.
The Scientology Money Project
Shares financial and legal documents, with a goal of financial transparency of of Church of Scientology.
Scientology Recovery
Help for those suffering from Scientology’s abuses and misapplications.
Scientology, Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard: Information Links
Critical information on various aspects of Scientology, from SIMPOS. English and Dutch versions.
Secrets of Scientology
Virtual library of Scientology-related materials.
Stop Scientology Disconnection
News, videos, and personal stories about disconnection, which is the practice of severing all ties between a scientologist and any family or friends who are considered adversaries.
Scientology found sadly lacking in any ability to foster true spiritual progress. Muslim perspective.
Tilman Hausherr
Critical information on Scientology, including links to articles and websites.
Uncommon Sense Media
FBI and government files on Scientology, Dianetics, and L.Ron Hubbard. Downloadable ebooks, article debunking the e-meter, and a glossary of terms used by the group.
Information on Scientology and the Church of Spiritual Technology. Includes articles accusing the Church of Scientology with the commission of improper and illegal acts. Sympathetic to the Free Zone.
The Wacky Cult News
A selection of news stories, book excerpts, and court records critical of Scientology.
What is Scientology... Really?
Former Scientologist, left in the early 1980s, became re-acquainted with the Church of Scientology's dirty tricks when they declared war on the Internet in the mid-90s. His story, evaluation of Scientology, links.
Xenuphobia: An Introduction to Scientology
A critic's overview of the religion and its practices.

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